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About the Frase Tool

Frase is an AI-powered writing and SEO tool crafted for content optimization, seamlessly incorporating advanced AI writing capabilities. This tool helps in-depth research to craft content briefs and optimize and simplify your content creation processes.

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, particularly in AI writing and AI copywriting, Frase analyzes the top search results for a given keyword, delivering a content brief filled with in-depth research and invaluable insights.

Beyond mere SEO tools, it also offers a top-tier paraphrasing tool and comprehensive content analysis capabilities. Frase SEO, with its AI writers and advanced writing tools, ensures content doesn’t just adhere to search engine norms but truly captures user intent.

As digital landscapes evolve, Frase stands as a beacon for content creators, guiding them with actionable optimization recommendations and insights. For those diving into Frase reviews, it’s clear that the tool is revolutionizing content optimization, enabling marketers to craft content that not only resonates but also achieves the desired rank effectively.

Frase Features

Frase is a cutting-edge SEO content optimization tool that offers many features customized to content creators, SEO specialists, and marketing teams. Some of its standout features include:

  • AI-driven content creation: Harness the power of AI to produce content that resonates with your audience and ranks high on search engines.
  • Multilingual optimization: Cater to a global audience with optimization capabilities in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Danish.
  • Document credit system: Efficiently manage your content creation and optimization processes.
  • Optimization of existing content: Import content from live URLs and enhance its SEO potential.
  • Focused analysis: Instead of analyzing the entire internet, Frase concentrates on the top 20 SERP results, ensuring higher quality insights.
  • Proprietary technology: Unlike other tools that rely on third-party technologies, Frase uses its in-house tech for superior performance.
  • Comprehensive content workflow solutions: From research and briefing to writing and optimizing, Frase has got you covered.

Frase Use Case – Real-World Applications

Frase is the go-to tool for a diverse range of professionals and businesses. Its real-world applications are vast:

  • SEO Professionals: Optimize content to rank higher on search engines.
  • Content Strategists: Plan and outline content that aligns with business goals.
  • Writers: Produce content that is both engaging and SEO-friendly.
  • Editors: Refine content to meet the highest SEO standards.
  • Content Managers: Oversee and manage the entire content creation process efficiently.
  • Marketing Teams: Drive organic traffic with optimized content.
  • Agencies: Deliver top-notch content services to clients.
  • Large Enterprises: Scale content production without compromising on quality.

Frase Pricing

Frase offers a diverse range of pricing plans tailored to fit the needs of individuals and teams alike. Here’s a breakdown of their pricing structure:

Embark on your experience with a special 5-day trial priced at just $1, and enjoy the freedom to cancel at any point you wish.

  • Solo Plan: Priced at $14.99 monthly or a discounted rate of $12.66 when billed annually, this plan is tailored for individual users, allowing them to write and optimize up to four articles every month.
  • Basic Plan: Catering to solo users at $44.99 per month (or $38.25 with an annual commitment), this plan boosts the offering, facilitating the writing and optimization of up to 30 articles in a month.
  • Team Plan: At $114.99 monthly or a reduced $97.75 with yearly billing, this plan accommodates three users. Additional seats can be added at $25 each per month, and it grants the ability to write and optimize an unlimited count of articles.
  • Pro Add-On: For those seeking more, an additional $35 monthly grants unlimited AI-generated words along with an array of other premium features.


What is the primary function of Frase?

Frase is an AI-driven SEO content optimization tool designed to help content creators produce search engine-friendly content.

Who are the typical users of Frase?

Frase is popular among various professionals such as SEO experts, content planners, writers, editors, and those overseeing content management.

Does Frase support multiple languages?

Yes, Frase supports multilingual optimization in several languages, including English, Spanish, French, and more.

How does the document credit system in Frase work?

In Frase, activities such as initiating a new document or enhancing current content necessitate the use of a document credit.

Is Frase’s technology proprietary?

Yes, unlike other tools that rely on third-party solutions. Frase uses its proprietary technology for content optimization.

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