Big Data and Health Care

I love the conclusion of this good-looking infographic: “Doctors will learn to increasingly rely on technology and big data for triage, diagnosis and decision-making. Consequently, doctors will become better at their jobs, health care costs will decrease, and patient care can improve.” Aren’t doctors already relying–too much–on technology? And doesn’t the profligate use of technology already contributing greatly to the constant increase in health care costs?

Big Data and the Future of Healthcare


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3 Responses to Big Data and Health Care

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  2. Joey says:

    This reminds me of the dot-com bubble when there were a lot of companies talking about home automation but the infrastructure just wasn’t there yet. The costs were astronomical and the economic model didn’t work yet.

    Now we are starting to see some of the home automation come to market in pieces.

    I wonder if healthcare is taking the same route. The only problem is that the government has decided to take the whole thing in one bite. Instead of letting the market correct and come at it with small bites.


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