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How Computer Graphics and Big Data Gave Birth to Today’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The explosion of breakthroughs, investments, and entrepreneurial activity around artificial intelligence over the last decade has been driven exclusively by deep learning, a sophisticated statistical analysis technique for finding hidden patterns in large quantities of data. A term coined in … Continue reading

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Shakey, the World’s First Mobile Intelligent Robot

Developed at the Artificial Intelligence Center of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) from 1966 to 1972, SHAKEY was the world’s first mobile intelligent robot. According to the 2017 IEEE Milestone citation, it “could perceive its surroundings, infer implicit facts from explicit ones, … Continue reading

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Best of 2019: 60 Years of Progress in AI

[January 8, 2019] Today is the first day of CES 2019 and artificial intelligence (AI) “will pervade the show,” says Gary Shapiro, chief executive of the Consumer Technology Association. One hundred and thirty years ago today (January 8, 1889), Herman … Continue reading

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The Cost and Speed of Computing and Communications 1956-2019

The Economist The price of computation today is roughly one hundred-millionth what it was in the 1970s, when the first microprocessors became commercially available (see chart). According to figures collected by John McCallum, a computer scientist, a megabyte of data … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence (AI): A Brief History

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Lessons for Corporate Venture Capital Firms from the early days of Intel Capital

Corporate venture capital (CVC) firms broke records last year. Funding increased 47% to $52.95 billion and 264 new corporate venture groups invested for the first time, a 35% increase over 2017. There were 773 active CVCs worldwide in 2018, participating … Continue reading

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Computer Storage Timeline

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