Big Data Ecosystem and Benefits



Organizations are achieving a broad range of Big Data–related business outcomes from their work. These can broadly be categorized as delivering value from operational optimization, improved compliance, and innovation. Interestingly, and as illustrated, Big Data outcomes tied to operational efficiencies feature significantly in responses (four of the top 5 answers focus on optimizing business or IT processes); this is despite the fact that 41% of organizations… stated a need to drive innovation as a top business driver.

Improve ability to plan and forecast                                                         66%

Improve our operational, fraud,and risk management                      63%

Improve and optimize our business processes and operations       58%

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  2. Basically, what I’m getting is that, this data ecosystem is a like a process of the techy side of things and how they work flawlessly together in processing data. If I’m correct then this is very much amusing since that’s a lot of work intermingling with each other. I’ll try to read more about this data ecosystem and see how it can be of use to me. Thanks for the infographic about data ecosystem!

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