600+ companies investing in deep learning




O’Reilly Data:

…more than 600 companies have jumped into applying deep learning with real budgets. …about 90 companies (level 3), have made strategic investments in deep learning for their businesses. Another 177 companies (level 2) are developing projects using deep learning with dedicated resources in staff. And more than 350 companies (level 1) are experimenting with deep learning in their labs.

Given how early deep learning is as a technology, the majority of companies investing in deep learning are IT and software businesses. However, we discovered interesting champions in other industries that are adopting deep learning as well. [Above] are some examples of companies that are not in traditional software or IT businesses, but that are adopting deep learning. Given that deep learning has early roots in image processing, it is exciting to see health care companies like Siemens Healthcare and GE Healthcare leading the pack, along with research institutions like the NIH and Lawrence Livermore National Labs.