34 million AI images created per day – AI Art Generator Stats 2024

AI Art Generators have revolutionized the Art industry by allowing users to create unique AI art pieces using detailed text prompts. Today, millions of individuals are accessing AI Art generators to create captivating AI Artworks by unleashing their creativity. In Fact, statistics show that over 15 billion AI images have been created to this point with more than 34 million AI images created per day. In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at AI Art generator statistics for 2024 along with highlighting its market share, top AI art generators, and more. 

Top AI Art Generator Statistics 

  • The AI image-generating market is projected to be valued at $917.4 million by 2030, with a CAGR of 17.4%.
  • 1 billion AI-generated images were produced by Adobe Firefly as of July 2023. 
  • The Global AI image-generating market was valued at $257.1 million in 2022.
  • WOMBO Dream is the most popular AI art-generating mobile app with over 10 million downloads on the Play Store with over 1.5 billion images generated. 
  • 56% of Americans who witnessed AI art claimed to have enjoyed it, while 34% revealed they felt it was better than human-created artworks. 
  • 42% of Gen Z and 48% of Millennials in the United States believe that AI-generated artworks should be recognized as real art. 
  • 25% of U.S. Marketers access OpenAI’s DALL-E for AI image creation, making it the most popular AI Art generating platform for marketers in 2023.
  • 27% of Americans claim they have seen an AI-generated Art.
  • 56% of individuals who have seen AI-generated Artworks claim they have enjoyed it. 
  • Models based on Stable Diffusion have created the highest number of AI images (12.590 billion), making it the most popular AI Art generator globally. 
  • Adobe Firefly is the fastest-growing AI art creator with 1 billion images created in just the first three months of its launch. 
  • Midjourney has the highest user base with over 15 million users. 

How many AI images are generated per day?

On average, more than 34 million AI Images are generated per day. The AI Art generating platforms have experienced significant growth in the last few years. The statistics also show that over 15 billion AI images are generated using text-to-image algorithms. 

Some of the most well-known AI image-generating tools utilized by users are Midjourney, DALL-E, NightCafe, Stable Diffusion, and Starry AI. 

Market share of leading generative AI image tools worldwide in 2023 

When it comes to leading AI Art generators then midjourney tops the list with a 26.8 market share. Followed by DALL-E in the second position and NightCafe in the third position. Below we have mentioned a table showcasing the Top AI Art Generators in the market in 2024:

Rank AI Art Generator Market Share 
1Midjourney 26.8 
2Dall-E 24.4
3Nightcafe 23.2
4Starry AI 12.75
5Stable Diffusion 12.5

Source: Statista


Midjourney is one of the most popular AI Art generators that was first launched in beta in July 2022. This AI art-generating platform is currently available through Discord, where users can enter their text prompts explaining their desired artwork or images for its generation. 

The Midjoureny Discord server recorded 17.5 million members in December 2023, making it the most popular server on the platform. In addition, Midjourney is also gaining massive recognition in its Google Search as well, it was revealed by Google Trends that it hit a peak of 100 in early February 2023. 


DALL-E was created by OpenAI, a popular company that created ChatGPT. OpenAI launched its AI art-generating platform in January 2021 through which users can generate unique and eye-catching images on the basis of NLP prompts. 

Around 3 million AI images were being created as of May 2022, and about 1,000 new users were being registered every week. The platform first became publicly available in September 2022, and since then it has produced about 2 million AI images on average every day.


This AI art generator was founded in November 2019 and it has created more than 35 million AI-generated images and artworks as of October 2022, making it one of the most-used AI Art generating platforms in the market. 

According to Similarweb, NightCafe had about 8.2 million visitors as of December 2023 on its website, and it showcased a growth of 3.3% in comparison to its previous month. 

Adobe’s Firefly

This AI Art generator is not as big as compared to other platforms. However, it’s still worth noticing. Firefly was launched in March 2023, and within a month of its release, more than 70 million AI-generated images were produced by users. The count came close to 1 billion by July 2023. 

Similar to Midjourney, Adobe’s Firefly also consists of a Discord server that currently has over 560,000 members.

Number of AI-generated Images by AI Art Generator 

Models based on Stable Diffusion are the leading AI Art generator that has produced the highest number of AI Images (12.590 billion). Followed by, Adobe Firefly in the second position which has created about 1 billion AI images, and Midjourney in the third position which generated 964 million AI Images.

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing top AI Art generators that have produced the highest number of AI images.

AI Art Generator AI Images Created 
Models based on Stable Diffusion 12.590 billion 
Adobe Firefly 1 billion 
Midjourney 964 million 
DALL-E 2 916 million 

How People in the United States perceive AI-generated Art 

In 2023, a survey was conducted to understand how Americans look at AI-generated artworks and images. Below we have mentioned statistics on how people in the United States perceive AI-generated art.

Have you seen AI-generated Art? 

During the survey, people were asked whether they had ever seen an AI-generated Art to which 27% of the respondents said Yes, while 56% claimed they have enjoyed it, and only 19% stated they did not enjoy it.

Yes 27%
Enjoyed 56%
Did not enjoy 19%

Is AI-generated Art better than Human created Art? 

Surprisingly, when people were asked whether they think AI-generated artworks are better than human-created art, 34% responded saying yes, while 29% said No, and 31% said they felt both are the same.

Yes 34%
No 29%
The Same 31%

9% of Americans believe that the user who has entered the text prompt should get credit 

Some people in the United States believe the AI tool makers and artists who trained the platform deserve to be credited for the AI artwork generated. About 9% of the people state that the person who entered the text prompt into the AI Art generator such as NightCafe deserves to be credited for the stunning visual generated by the tool. While 15% believe that the developers of the AI Art generating tool deserve credit for the art. 13% believe the artist on which the tool is trained deserves to be credited and 21% believe that all three deserve shared authorship. 

AI Art Popularity Statistics

In this section, we are going to take a look at the size and popularity of some of the top AI Art generators. 

In October 2022 Stable Diffusion surpassed a milestone of 10 million daily users.  

Popular open-source AI image-generating tool Stable Diffusion garnered 10 million daily users in October 2022, making it one of the most popular and used AI art platforms worldwide. Currently, the platform is worth over $1 billion U.S. Dollars.

“AI Art” Google searches witness a peak in December 2022

In the last couple of years, AI Art platforms and tools have generated massive recognition from people all across the world. But the Google searches witnessed a peak in December 2022 showcasing the willingness among people to learn about AI art platforms.

WOMBO Dream is named the most popular AI Art mobile app worldwide

Currently, there are a variety of different AI Art/Image-generating apps available on Google Play Store that can be downloaded by users for the creation of AI artworks. Dream by WOMBO is apparently the most popular AI Art mobile app available on Play Store with over 10 million downloads. When combining the number of downloads with iOS users, it was revealed by the company that the total number of users reached 60 million with over 1.5 billion artworks generated. 

MidJourney is the second most popular AI art generator.

After Stable Diffusion, the second most popular AI Art generating tool is Midjourney which currently has over 17.9 million registered users in its Discord Channel along with millions of active users accessing the platform and creating AI-generated artworks and images. 

OpenAI’s AI Art-generating tool DALL-E has more than 1.5 million users, regardless of being paywalled

DALL-E was created by the same team that is behind the widespread AI chatbot tool ChatGPT. Even though DALL-E is way less active compared to popular AI Art AI-generating platforms such as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. One of the potential reasons behind DALL-E not being able to achieve the same success as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion might have to do with its pricing plans which require to pay a minimum of $15 for credit in order to access the platform. But regardless, DALL-E is still capable of acquiring 1.5 million users globally and over 2 million artworks are built on the platform every day. 

The highest-valued AI Art was sold in 2018 for $432,000 U.S. Dollars 

An AI portrait of Edmond Belamy generated by a Paris-based art collective Obvious. It created history by becoming the most-valued AI Art piece sold traditionally for $432,000 in 2018. Christie was the first auction house to offer an Art piece created through an algorithm that was trained on 15,000 portraits painted between the 14th and 20th Century. 

The most-valued AI created by NFT was sold for $1.1 million

An AI-generated non-fungible token (NFT) refers to the unique digital identifier that is utilized to certify the authenticity and ownership of digital assets that are generated using AI. This usually includes various types of content such as videos, digital assets, and music. In 2021, a robot artist named “Botto” generated and sold about four AI-generated NFTs for a combined price of $1.1 million. The AI-generated pieces were sold as NFTs for cryptocurrency. Botto was generated by Marios Klingemann and computer engineers in 2021 and it utilizes algorithms to produce unique ideas which would play a significant role in the art industry.  As of now, it has generated over 75 NFTs and raked in over $3 million in terms of revenue.

NSFW AI Art Statistics 

In this section, we are going to take a look at statistics related to NSFW AI Art. 

How many NSFW AI images are generated per day?

According to reports, over 500,000 NSFW AI images are being generated per day by Unstable Diffusion. Data on how the total number of NSFW images created every day is unclear. However, looking at the demand and popularity NSFW AI image generators have achieved in the last few years, it’s pretty clear the number is in the millions. 

Top Websites 

Nudify.online is the top NSFW AI Art generating website with the highest number of total visits of 9.9 million. Followed by Sexy.ai in the second position with 6.6 million and Undress.app in the third most popular site with 5.5 million visits. 

Top NSFW Art Generator Total visits 
nudify.online9.9 million 
Sexy.ai6.6 million 
Undress.app 5.5 million 
SoulGen AI 2.9 million 
Promptchan AI 2.8 million 
porngen.art1.9 million 
Seduced AI 846K

Source: SimilarWeb

“NSFW AI Art” Google search peak in August 2023

NSFW AI Art generators have gained excellent recognition in the past few years, with more and more people searching for “NSFW AI Art” on Google search.

According to Google Trends, “NSFW AI Art” witnessed a peak in search in August 2023. 


What is the top-rated AI art generator?

Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, DALL-E, NightCafe, and Adobe’s Firefly are some of the top-rated AI Art generators across the world. 

What percentage of people like AI Art? 

56% of people who have seen AI-generated Art have claimed to like it while 19% of the individuals who have seen AI Art stated they did not like it. 

Will AI replace artists in 2024?

No, the chances of AI replacing artists in 2024 are unlikely. AI Art generators can play a significant role for artists in exploring new creative directions and approaches; however, it’s still not fully capable of replacing human artists, although it might be a possible outcome in the future.

Wrapping Up 

AI Art Generators have clearly gained massive popularity among the masses for their excellent capability to create visually stunning AI Artworks through text prompts in just a few seconds. This has encouraged digital artists, painters, content creators, marketers, and even casual users to create unique AI art pieces without actually spending hours of hard work resulting in millions of people signing up for AI Art generators and over 34 million AI Images are generated per day. In Fact, by 2030 the global AI image-generating market is projected to be valued at $917.4 million. Therefore, the future of AI Art generators looks pretty bright with the capability of new features and attributes likely to be introduced.