7+ Best AI Boyfriend Apps Free: No Sign Up Required

Do you get those late-night urges to chat with your boyfriend? But he’s unavailable or just not interested? We’ve all been there.

Now, you can get a virtual AI boyfriend for free to provide you with emotional support and prevent you from getting bored.

AI Boyfriend is a virtual companion through which female users can engage in text-based conversations and create a romantic relationship with them. In recent months, AI Boyfriend apps have become extremely popular for blending romance with technology. These apps let users experience virtual relationships by chatting with AI boyfriends through text messages. 

In this article, we will explore several free AI boyfriend apps that allow users to have casual or flirty conversations, receive emotional support, enjoy entertaining interactions, and more.

Top 8 AI Boyfriend Online Free Apps

We have selected the top 8 free AI Boyfriend apps and websites to provide you with the best virtual companionship online. Each platform mentioned below offers unique features and capabilities ensuring you have the best experience. 

1. Candy AI – Best AI Boyfriend App

Candy AI is an AI chatting platform that allows users to engage in interactive conversations with AI Boyfriend characters. You can create your dream AI Boyfriend on Candy AI and control every single aspect of it from looks to personality. It utilizes advanced learning algorithms that help understand users’ input and respond in an interactive chatting experience.


  • Create your own AI Boyfriend: This platform allows users to generate their own AI Boyfriend characters based on individual likes and preferences in different styles such as Realistic or Anime. 
  • Good Customization: Candy AI offers excellent customization options for character generation. You can select their desired Style, Ethnicity, Age, Eye color, Hairstyle, Body type, and more.
  • Variety of Pre-designed characters: Candy AI offers a wide range of pre-generated AI Boyfriend options that users can explore. Each virtual boyfriend contains a unique personality, look, age, and background offering an excellent range of variety for users.  
  • Personalized Conversations: As you continue to chat with a virtual companion, Candy AI will learn and understand your preferences and slowly begin generating personalized responses that tailor your needs which makes the user feel more connected to the AI Boyfriend.

2. DreamBF – AI Boyfriend Generator

DreamBF is an ideal AI boyfriend app where you can engage in romantic conversations with their dream AI companion. This platform is specially designed to provide a romantic virtual boyfriend experience. Users can engage in casual interactions, roleplay, personal conversations, and more on DreamBF AI. DreamBF also allows users to build a customized AI Man and select its appearance and personality. The responses generated by DreamBF AI’s characters are natural and quite interactive which makes the entire conversations feel more personal and human-like. 


  • Excellent customization options: DreamGF AI offers a wide range of customization options for creating an AI Man. Users can explore choices in numerous areas, such as Ethnicity, Age, Body Type, Outfit, Hair color, Personality, and more, to build their dream AI Boyfriend. 
  • Variety of AI Boyfriend options: This platform offers a variety of AI boyfriend options, each with a unique personality and appearance, providing users with an excellent range of choices. 
  • Free Trial: This platform offers a free trial option through which users can create 2 AI Boyfriends, 4 images, and send 20 messages.
  • Roleplay: DreamBF’s romantic chatbot is specially designed to cater to users’ needs and expectations. It allows users to explore different scenarios and storylines by engaging in roleplay.

3. Anima: AI Boyfriend App

Anima AI is a unique AI Boyfriend app where users can engage in friendly chat, roleplay, flirting, etc, with their virtual companion through text-based conversations. Anima AI is an advanced romance chatbot where users can truly unleash their desires and explore virtual relationships without any restrictions. The best part about Anima AI is that users can engage in text interactions based on specific goals such as feeling lonely, sharing emotions, roleplaying, playing chat games, having fun, and much more. 


  • Romantic Conversations: Anima truly allows users to experience a romantic relationship virtually by engaging in intimate conversations with AI boyfriends. Users can even flirt, build a relationship, and send a few compliments to make the interaction fun and personalized.
  • Customizable AI Boyfriend: With Anima AI users can create a customized AI Boyfriend by choosing its appearance from a variety of Avatars available.
  • Modify personality: In addition to appearance, users can even modify the personality of their AI Boyfriend by choosing the level of shyness, flirty, mystery, pessimistic, etc., for the best experience.

4. Character.AI Boyfriend Chat

Character AI is an AI chatbot that offers a wide range of AI character options for users to interact with. This tool is not specifically designed for the “boyfriend” role, but it contains a variety of pre-designed AI boyfriend options with whom users can have interactive conversations about various topics. Users can even design a custom AI boyfriend character based on their likes and interests for a more engaging experience. It offers a free option through which users can gain access to most AI Boyfriends. 


  • Character Creation: With this tool, users can create a personalized AI Boyfriend for themselves by customizing its Character Name, Tagline, Description, Greeting, Voice, etc. 
  • Vast Character Library: Users can find a wide range of pre-designed AI character options, including various AI Boyfriend characters, that they can explore and engage in conversations with. Each character has a unique appearance, personality, and background. 
  • Voice Messages: Character AI’s interactions go beyond texts and it offers a voice feature through which users can feel more connected with their AI Boyfriend. 
  • User-Friendly: Character AI offers a simple interface that can be easily accessed by anyone whether you are an experienced user or a newbie. The simple controls of Character AI make it easy for users to have a fun experience online without facing any technical difficulties.

5. BoredHumans- Virtual Boyfriends

BoredHuman is another AI Boyfriend website that allows users to chat with the guy of their dreams. This platform offers a total of 8 AI boyfriend options with whom users can engage in casual, flirty, or intimate conversations. One of the stand-out qualities of this tool is its simple interface, unlike other chatbots it doesn’t contain any complex interface which makes it easy for users to access the tool. 


  • 8 AI Boyfriends: BoredHumans – Virtual Boyfriends offers 8 AI Boyfriend options with different appearances and personalities with whom users can engage in virtual conversations. 
  • Simple interface: This platform offers an extremely simple and easy-to-use interface which makes it easy for users to navigate to different areas without any difficulty. 
  • Personalized Conversations: With this tool, users can talk about a variety of topics with their desired AI boyfriend whether it’s fun chats, flirting, roleplay, etc. 

6. Talkie AI 

Talkie AI is an innovative AI character chat app that offers a diverse range of AI personas, including AI Boyfriends, for a unique AI chat experience. This platform is specially designed to fulfill your emotional requirements through real-time interactions. The AI Boyfriend options available in Talkie AI are built to empathize, which allows users to share their everyday experiences, joys, challenges, etc, and receive emotional support and comfort from the AI character. So, if you are struggling with your emotions and looking for a virtual companion with whom you can open up then Talkie AI is the perfect platform for you. 


  • Diverse AI personas: Talkie AI offers an excellent range of AI personas in different categories, such as Games and anime, TV and movies, Fantasy, Novels, Parallel Worlds, and more. 
  • Emotional Support: Talkie AI is designed to cater to all your emotional needs and requirements by engaging in light-hearted conversations. Users can express their feelings, and talk about their day to feel connected with their virtual companion. 
  • User-Friendly: Talkie AI is extremely simple to use and offers an intuitive interface that is easy to access by professional users and beginners. 

7. Romantic AI Boyfriend

Romantic AI is an advanced AI chatbot that offers AI Boyfriend options with whom users can engage in interactive conversations and romantic roleplays. This tool is specially designed to provide a safe space where users can open up and have a fun chatting experience. Romantic AI even allows users to create a personal AI Boyfriend by uploading an image and specifying their desired traits and personality. 


  • Generate your own AI Boyfriend: Users can create a custom AI Boyfriend for themselves by uploading an image and choosing their desired personality and interests for a more interactive and personalized experience.
  • Request for Image: Users can request an image from their desired AI boyfriend in different scenarios, such as a Yacht, Coffee shop, Corset, etc., to make the conversations more personalized and interesting. 
  • Available in both iOS and Android devices: Users can access Romantic AI through any device whether it’s iOS or Android. Simply navigate to the App Store or Play Store, search for “Romantic AI,” and download the mobile app.

How to create an AI Boyfriend online for free?

To create an AI Boyfriend online for free, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Choose your preferred AI boyfriend website from the options listed above
  • Sign up on the platform by providing a valid email address and password and log in 
  • Tap on the “Create” option 
  • Enter the name of your dream AI Boyfriend and select its personality traits and interests based on individual preferences
  • Once you have selected your desired traits, tap on “Create”.
  • That’s it, your AI Boyfriend is ready you can begin your chatting experience 


What is a virtual Boyfriend app?

A Virtual Boyfriend app is a mobile application that utilizes advanced AI technology to provide an interactive conversation experience. These apps allow users to talk about a variety of topics with their virtual boyfriends and generate a virtual relationship with them. 

Are AI Boyfriend apps/sites safe?

Yes, most AI Boyfriend apps and sites protect the privacy and safety of users’ chat and personal information. However, it’s still recommended that users look through the privacy and security section of an AI Boyfriend app/site before accessing the tool. 

Is there a free AI Boyfriend app?

Candy AI, BoredHumans- Virtual Boyfriends, and Romantic AI are some of the free AI Boyfriend apps.

What are the best free AI Boyfriend apps for Android?

The best free AI Boyfriend apps for Android are Anima AI boyfriend App, Replika AI, Romantic AI, and more. 

What are the best AI Boyfriend apps for iOS?

The best AI Boyfriend apps for iOS are Replika AI, Romantic AI, Anima AI boyfriend App, and Talkie AI. 


Overall, AI Boyfriend apps are excellent AI tools that help users feel less lonely and enhance their relationship skills by engaging in virtual relationships. In this list, we have covered some of the best AI boyfriend apps along with their top features, through which users can explore their virtual relationships at their own comfort. With these platforms, users can effortlessly engage in intimate conversations with their desired AI companion.