Free AI Recipe Generators to Get Delicious Recipes (2024)

Cooking delicious meals at home has become easier than ever. Wonder how? Rise of free AI-based recipe generators. AI recipe generators powered by machine learning algorithms can now scan various blogs, online recipes, cookery blogs, and other online resources to provide customized recipes in seconds. All you need to do is enter the ingredients or cuisine you are craving, and the generator will list a range of recipes tailored to your needs. 

This blog will list the top Free AI Recipe generators to help you get delicious home-cooked meals without extra effort. 

Top Free AI Recipe Generators

Here is a list of top free AI recipe generators – 

1. AI Recipe Generator by Softr

The AI Recipe generator by Softr is a straightforward, user-friendly platform that can use the power of AI to generate some fantastic recipes for you anytime. All you need to do is go to the website, sign up, and create an account to get a unique recipe. Once you have made the account, you must mention the available ingredients, and they will send you the special recipe by email. 

2. Dishgen

Dishgen is an AI-based kitchen assistant known for generating unique recipes. Users need to enter ingredients, recipe ideas, and dietary preferences based on which the platform will generate recipe ideas. With the help of this tool, you can develop entirely new recipes. This powerful platform helps you cook better meals and reduce waste. 

3. Mealpractice

The best thing about mealpractice is it will give you recipes that align with your taste preferences and dietary requirements. If you want something vegan or gluten-free, mention that, and the tool will generate unlimited recipes for you to try out. With this tool, you can create weekly meal plans, save your favorite creations, and even list the ingredients you would need for the recipes right in one place. 

4. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed has this excellent AI-based recipe generator, which is so easy to use. It looks more like a quiz. All you need to do is answer each of their questions, and at the end, you will get the recipe generated. So, you need to specify which meal you are preparing, if you have any allergies, the number of servings, all the ingredients you have in hand, and finally, your name and click submit. Soon, the AI tool will develop a curated recipe per your input. 

5. PlantJammer

PlantJammer is another Free AI-based recipe generator where hundreds of recipes are preloaded. As soon as you open the website, you need to mention the ingredients, and it will give you a list of recipes based on the elements that you have selected. You can open up any recipe from the list and customize it. So, you will get a list of the ingredients as well. If anything is missing, you can swap it for another element you might have with you. You can finally see the recipe once you are done with your selections. 

6. SuperCook

Supercook is the next free AI recipe generator on our list. This particular AI tool has a massive list of ingredients. You simply need to choose what you want, and it will generate recipes based on those ingredients. At the same time, you will get to see which ingredients you are missing from each recipe. If you want, you can add or remove elements further to generate new recipes per your preference. 

7. RecipeLand

Recipeland is a platform where you will get world cuisines all in one place. Be it of any cooking or any country, there isn’t anything that you won’t get on this platform. They already have tons of recipes listed out. You also get the opportunity to mark your favorite recipes, make a list of those you want to try and subscribe to their platform for more tips and tricks related to cooking. 

8. Spoonacular

Spoonacular is a recipe generator that you can use to save and organize recipes from any site. You will also get a free meal planner and meal tracker. You can even collect your favorite products. As soon as you enter all the ingredients, you will get a list of saved recipes which you can save. 

9. MyFridgeFood

The next recipe generator on my list is “MyFridgeFood”. You have to select the ingredients in the list, and accordingly, you will generate the recipe. Along with every recipe, you will see the cooking time and the ingredients needed. The platform has other options like contests, tips, and bookmarks. 

10. Cookpad

Cookpad is an AI-based recipe generator that can make daily meal cooking fun. This platform lets you share recipes and build communities with like-minded people. The basic function of the platform is to give you recipes based on inputs like what is in your fridge, what cooking tools you have, and your preferences. You can discover what recipes are popular in the season and then try them out when you like. You will get the option to bookmark your favorite recipes. This particular platform is available both as a website and a mobile application. 

11. Edamam

The Edamam tool is an AI-based recipe generator. The AI tool has an extensive recipe database. You will get to see the most relevant recipes from the best recipes that are available on the web. Though this platform is very impactful. You can get the best recipes keeping in mind your taste preference, ingredients, diets, allergies, nutrition, taste, and techniques. However, this particular platform is a bit difficult to use. The website’s overall look is not very user-friendly, so it might be a little overwhelming for some users. 

12. LetsFoodie

LetsFoodie is an entirely Free AI generator recipe tool where you need to enter different ingredients with or without mentioning the quantities, and it will generate a recipe just for you. The best thing about the platform is it is super easy to share these recipes with your friends or family through mail or other social media platforms. You can even go through various recipes which have already been listed on the website. 

13. ChefGPT

ChefGPT is your new personal chef. Enter your ingredients and let the app generate the most delicious recipes. No googling for easy recipes as you have all this at a click away. This platform has several categories like Masterchef, pantrychef, macroschef, and others. Each of these is an AI-based tool that gives you recipes based on specific criteria. For instance, the Masterchef is the one for those who want to upgrade their culinary skills, whereas Mealplanchef is the one that can help with meal planning. 

14. FoodAI

FoodAI is the next AI-based recipe generator on our list. This is a straightforward and easy-to-use AI-based recipe generator platform. As soon as you enter a set of ingredients, you will see a list of recipes that can be made using one or many of these ingredients. They also have a paid version with some advanced features to avail. 

15. CookAIfood

CookAIfood is a recipe generator that you can use to generate some delicious recipes. This platform allows you to create, share, and discover AI-based recipes. Advanced tools let you make grocery lists, diet planners, and printable cookbooks, do meal planning, and monitor nutrition intake. All of this can be done using this basic platform. No doubt this is all in one platform, extremely user-friendly, and easy to navigate. 

The benefits of using an AI recipe generator

There are several benefits of using an AI recipe generator – 

  1. Everyone has different dietary preferences and nutritional choices and might be allergic to certain foods. Such AI recipe generators can curate meals with these personal preferences in mind. 
  2. We often get confused about what to cook. While at times it is monotonous, other times we are clueless. AI generators can help end such monotonous diets. 
  3. Trying to figure out recipes can be time-consuming. It takes time to look for cookbooks and go through Google pages. Now, with AI, you get it right now—no need to search or look for it anywhere. 
  4. Access to global cuisine is easier with these tools. Otherwise, coming up with international cuisine or recipes is usually challenging. 
  5. Some AI generator platforms allow people to rate recipes and build communities to exchange ideas. 

AI recipe generators: Potential limitations

Although AI recipe generators have many advantages, users should be aware of the following limitations:

  1. AI might suggest pairing or methods that do not align with traditional or expert culinary practices. One needs to keep this in mind. 
  2. Any AI tool’s output is unmistakably dependent on the data sets used to train the algorithm. If it was trained based on a limited data set, it is possible that you won’t get the desired result.
  3. Taste and smell are two important factors in cooking that AI fails to understand. As a result, it might not make the necessary adjustments. 
  4. Cooking is considered an art involving a personal touch, which is impossible with any AI tool. 
  5. AI might not be aware of the cultural significance and the traditional methods involved. As a result, it might not generate the correct output, keeping the history and culture of the place in mind.

The Future of AI Recipe Generators

With the growth of AI-based tools, it is evident that AI recipe generators will grow more and more in the upcoming years. Future AI generators should be able to generate personalized choices based on dietary preferences and available ingredients. Integrating these with smart kitchen appliances and automating specific cooking processes might also be possible. 

With further advancements in AI technologies and machine learning, these systems will be able to understand various culinary techniques. With time, AI recipe-based generators can develop into interactive cooking assistants that can guide with step-by-step voice commands. 

How Can AI Recipe Generators Change Your Life?

AI recipe generators are useful in several ways and can hence change your life for the better. Here is what it can do for you – 

  1. AI-based recipe generator can help generate personal recipes based on dietary needs and choices. 
  2. Artificial Intelligence can save you a lot of time when looking for the best recipes. 
  3. AI-based recipe generators can help you with creative recipe ideas, letting you experiment and try new things. 
  4. If you have specific health goals, then a recipe generator can help curate recipes per your needs. 
  5. AI-based generators can curate recipes based on your budget and promote sustainable food preservation. This could be a great way to avoid wasting food. 

Should you use ChatGPT to generate recipes for food?

Yes, you can use ChatGPT to generate food recipes. However, it might be a little tricky as you have to give the correct prompt to create the kind of recipe that you want. That depends a lot on your dietary preference, likes and dislikes, ingredients you have with you, and other stuff. ChatGPT works just like any other AI-based recipe generator.

The only difference is that for ChatGPT, you have to give complete and detailed instructions of what you have and what you expect as output. But, in the case of AI-based recipe generators, you only need to make a few selections or just answer a quiz to generate your recipe immediately. 


Using AI-based recipe generators to get delicious recipes is undoubtedly a boon in several ways. It is going to make life easier. But you also need to remember that these tools are not always accurate or may not understand the sentiment involving tradition, custom, and taste associated with the dishes. So, in such cases, it is always better to have a second opinion before you try implementing it. As we have discussed, there are certain limitations, but if we remember them and use these tools, we are surely going to benefit in many ways.