Big Data and Data Science Events September-December 2012

Big Data and Data Science Events

September – December 2012

Last updated September 16, 2012

TDWI World Conference   Sep 16–21, Boston

Predictive Analytics World–Government   September 17-18, Washington DC

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An Introduction to Machine Learning for Hackers: O’Reilly Strata Webcast September 18, 10am PT

Government Big Data Conference, September 18-19, Arlington, VA

Big Data World Europe   September 19-20, London

Sixth IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing   September 19-21, Palermo, Italy

GigaOM Mobilize   September 20-21, San Francisco

Sports Analytics Innovation Summit, September 20-21, San Francisco

Data 2.0 Conference & Expo   September 21, San Francisco

Data 2.0 Labs: 2012 City-Wide Data Festival   September 22-27, San Francisco

Data Analytics 2012   September 23-28, Barcelona, Spain

European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases   September 24-28, Bristol, UK

The Business Value of Big Data, September 27, Temple University, Philadelphia

London DataDive   September 28, London

Predictive Analytics World   September 30-October 4, Boston

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Marketing Optimization Summit   September 30-October 4, Boston  

O’Reilly Strata Conference   October 1-2, London

Decision Management Summit   October 1-2, Boston

HLT Conference 2012: Human Language Technology Conference – Big Data, Big Decisions    October 2, Chantilly, Virginia

Text Analytics World   October 2-4, Boston

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HCIR 2012: 6th Symposium on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval   October 4-5, Cambridge, MA

4th International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Information Retrieval   October 4-7, Barcelona, Spain

Analytics 2012   October 8—9, Las Vegas

SAS Dataflux Ideas   October 8-10, Las Vegas

8th IEEE International Conference on eScience   October 8-12, Chicago

Big Data Europe   October 9-10, Vienna, Austria

VisWeek 2012 (advances in scientific and information visualization)   October 14-19, Seattle, WA

GigaOM Structure:Europe   October 16-17, Amsterdam

O’Reilly Strata Rx Conference: Making Health Data Work   October 16-17, San Francisco

VIEW: 13th International Computer Graphics Conference   October 16-19, Turin, Italy

Big Data Innovation Summit, October 18-19, Dublin, Ireland

IBM Information On Demand 2012, October 21-25, Las Vegas

TDWI Seminar Series: Dimensional Modeling   October 22-25, New York

O’Reilly Strata Conference and Hadoop World   October 23-25, New York

IDA 2012: 11th International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis   October 25-27, Helsinki, Finland

15th International Conference on Discovery Science and 23rd International Conference on Algorithmic Learning   October 29-31, Lyon, France

The 21st ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management   October 29-November 2, Maui, Hawaii

Sentiment Analysis Symposium   October 30, San Francisco

CeBIT Big Data, October 31-November 1, Sydney, Australia

GameSec 2012: Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security   November 5-6, Budapest, Hungary

Predictive Analytics World Düsseldorf   November 6-7, Düsseldorf, Germany

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Visualized, November 8-9, New York

SC12: The International Conference on High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis     November 10-16, Salt Lake City, Utah

The 12th IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering   November 11-13, Larnaca, Cyprus

Chief Data Scientist Summit, November 14, Chicago

Defrag 2012, November 14-15, Broomfield, Colorado

Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit, November 15-16, Chicago

Big Data Spain 2012   November 16, Madrid, Spain

Big Data Europe  November 20-21, Frankfurt, Germany 

Techtour 2nd Cloud & Big Data Summit November 21-22, Lausanne, Switzerland

Advanced Analytics and Big Data Forum, November 26-27, Mumbai, India

Predictive Analytics World London   November 27-28, London

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TAPAS 2012: 2nd International Conference on Theory and Practice of Algorithms in (Computer) Systems, December 3-5, Ein Gedi, Israel

DaMiC 2012: International Workshop on Data Analytics and Mining in the CloudDecember 3-6

The Tenth Australasian Data Mining Conference, December 5-7, Sydney, Australia

Predictive Analytics Innovation for Banking, December 6-7, New York

ICDM 2012: IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, December 10-13, Brussels, Belgium

ADMA 2012: 8th International Conference on Advanced Data Mining and Applications, December 15-18, Nanjing, China

HiPC 2012: IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing, December 18-21, Pune, India

BDA 2012: First International Conference on Big Data Analytics, December 24-26, University of Delhi, Delhi, India