Big Data Bytes: “Information technology has entered a big-data era”

“From social media to medical revolutions anchored in metadata analyses, wherein astronomical feats of data crunching enable heretofore unimaginable services and businesses, we are on the cusp of unimaginable new markets.”–Mark Mills and Julio Ottino, “The Coming Tech-Led Boom,”  The Wall Street Journal, January 30, 2012

“The data fabric is the next middleware”–Todd Papaioannou of quoted in Derrick Harris, “5 low-profile startups that could change the face of big data,” GigaOm, January 28, 2012

“You can’t have a conversation in today’s business technology world without touching on the topic of Big Data….companies such as Yahoo, Amazon, comScore and AOL have turned to Hadoop to both scale. According to some recent research from Infineta Systems, a WAN optimisation startup, traditional data storage runs $5 per gigabyte, but storing the same data costs about 25 cents per gigabyte using Hadoop.”–Michael Friedenberg, “Why Big Data Means a Big Year for Hadoop,”, January 29, 2012