Big Data Quotes of the Week

“Predictive analytics can figure out how to land on Mars, but not who will buy a Mars bar…. You should expect big data to have big impact. And you can bet that it will help machines interact more usefully with our unstructured, changing, and sometimes downright confused human ways. But if you’re counting on it to make people much more predictable, you’re expecting too much”–Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro

“’Forming a data team is kind of like planning a heist’ [said’s co-founder Matt Gattis]. He meant that you need people with all sorts of skills, and that one person probably can’t do everything by herself. Think Ocean’s Eleven but sexier”–Cathy “Mathbabe” O’Neil

“The data warehouse architecture of the 1980s, to which I was a major contributor, of course, was based largely on the… single-version-of-the-truth simplification.  There’s little doubt it has served us well.  But, big data and other trends are forcing us to look again at the underlying assumptions.  And find them lacking”–Barry Devlin

“Security today is a real-time Big Data challenge”–Steven Mills, IBM

“…big data will once again become ‘just data’ by 2020 and architectural approaches, infrastructure and hardware/software that does not adapt to this ‘new normal’ will be retired. Organizations resisting this change will suffer severe economic impacts”–Gartner