Big Data Quotes of the Week

“Data Science is just a buzzword that sort of appeared recently around the idea of people who build mathematical models of data and then explain them to human beings.”                   —Hilary Mason in an interview with TheNextWeb  

“It’s analytics with big data, it’s the ability to compute and analyze in massive parallel architectures. All the science and engineering disciplines realize this is part of the future.”–Professor Jeannette M. Wing, Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

“Back-of-the-envelope calculations suggest that sequencing the world population would approximate 4 x 1018 bytes of information.”–Martin Leach, CIO, The Broad Institute

“Big Data analytics is such a deep and broad trend that the bubble will take a long time to inflate. It will be a lot like the 1984 to Y2K run.  There’ll be lots of winners along the way, and more jobs for everyone.”–Mark P. Mills, CEO, Digital Power Group