Big Data Quotes of the Week, September 7, 2012

Patrick Gray

“One of the great and often ignored challenges of Big Data is whether or not historical data is actually relevant to answering a given question”–Patrick Gray, Prevoyance Group

“Algorithms can really change the way we use energy and how we interact with all kinds of products”–Tony Fadell, Nest Labs

“The reach of digital nervous system has grown steadily over the past 30 years, and each step brings gains in agility and flexibility, along with an order of magnitude more data… If you’re not contemplating the advantages of taking more of your operation digital, you can bet your competitors are”—Edd Dumbill, O’Reilly Radar

“So-called ‘big data’ make it possible to mine learning information for insights regarding student performance and learning approaches. Rather than rely on periodic test performance, instructors can analyze what students know and what techniques are most effective for each pupil. By focusing on data analytics, teachers can study learning in far more nuanced ways”–Darrell M. West, Brookings

“Every tech company seems to be working on some kind of pitch to show how it can handle huge volumes of data and turn it into a strategic advantage for you… The truth is, though, most companies would be better off with small data — or really any data — than they are today. An embarrassing number of business decisions are made without reference to real data.”–Dylan Tweney

“Scientists do the number crunching and make sense of the flood of information, but it’s the handy plumber that makes sure you get the information you need, when you need it, and by how much you need, routing the flow of a constant stream of acquired knowledge and making sure there are no leaks. You want to understand or make a decision on something you turn on the tap and the information flows to you, instantly”–Theo Priestley

“Do you enjoy pushing buttons just to see what happens? If you don’t, you’re not going to be a good data scientist”–Professor Mark Whitehorn, University of Dundee