Bill Franks on Big Data = Who Cares???!!! (Video)


“Data doesn’t lead you to a business problem… Your business problem leads you to the right data!”

Bill Franks, chief analytics officer at Teradata, discusses the importance of making data add value in the enterprise. Collecting petabytes of data isn’t the way to identify business problems to solve; but once you have a data source you think is valuable, the key is how to use that data tactically to improve your efforts. Talk delivered at the IEEE Computer Society’s “Rock Stars of Big Data” event, which was held 29 October 2013 at the Computer History Museum in Santa Clara, CA.

See also Bill Franks’ new blog: “One of the trends really picking up steam is the need to make analytics operational. As more data comes at us and we discover more new insights than ever, attention is turning to how to turn those insights into action and those actions into value.”