Why is Chat GPT Not Working? How to Fix it?

Large language model chatbot ChatGPT was developed by OpenAI. Creating text, translating languages, and writing various types of creative content are just a few of the many uses for ChatGPT.

However, it can occasionally run into issues and stop working, just like any other piece of software.
In this blog post, we’ll review the most frequent causes of ChatGPT issues and offer fixes. A few frequently asked questions about ChatGPT troubleshooting will also be covered.

Why is Chat GPT Not Working?

There are a few reasons why this could be happening like:

  1. Server Issues: ChatGPT is hosted on servers and these servers occasionally may have issues. Due to this, ChatGPT may become unresponsive or perform poorly.
  1. High Traffic: It is a very well-known app and it may sometimes experience high traffic. This may result in it being unavailable or performing poorly.
  1. Poor internet connection: ChatGPT may not function if your internet connection is bad. 
  1. Browser-related issues: Using an outdated browser or having browser extensions that interfere with ChatGPT both can be problematic.

How to Fix Chat GPT Not Working?

1. Clear the cookies 

Clear all the cookies and cache of your browser. To clear your browser cookies, follow these steps:

1. Open your browser.

2. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the browser window.

3. Click Settings.

4. Click Privacy and Security.

5. Click Cookies and other site data.

6. Click See all cookies and site data.

7. Search for chat.openai.com.

8. Click Remove all shown.

9. Click Clear.

2. Disable all extensions

Disable all the browser extensions that are present. To disable all browser extensions, follow these steps:

1. Open your browser.

2. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the browser window.

3. Click More Tools.

4. Click Extensions.

5. Toggle off the slider next to each extension to disable it.

3. Use another browser, device or network 

You can open a new browser window or you can even switch your network or device. If it functions there, I think your router is the source of the issue. Reset your router, then switch to the aforementioned DNS server. You can use this to determine whether the issue pertains only to your current browser, device, or network.

4. Check Server Status if ChatGPT is down 

On the OpenAI website, you can check the ChatGPT server’s status. This will help you identify if the page is down for you only or for everyone. You won’t be able to use ChatGPT if the servers are down or having issues; you’ll have to wait for them to come back online.

5. Get ChatGPT Plus subscription

ChatGPT plus is a paid subscription that gives you priority access to ChatGPT and may other benefits. It is available at a price of $20 per month. When you sign up for ChatGPT Plus, you have access to ChatGPT even during times of high demand, with quicker response times and priority access to new features and enhancements.

This means that even when everyone else is using ChatGPT, you can still use it to get the information or assistance you require. Additionally, you’ll receive responses more quickly and be the first to use new functions and enhancements.

6. Use ChatGPT alternatives

There are a number of ChatGPT alternatives available such as GPT-Neo, Bard, Youchat, Amazon Codewhisperer, Chai AI. If you are unable to use ChatGPT, you may want to try using one of these alternatives.

7. Flush DNS 

Flusing your DNS cache can help to fix problems that you are having with your internet connection. To flush your DNS, follow these steps:

1. Open a command prompt window.

2. Type the following command: ipconfig /flushdns

3. Press Enter.

8. Change DNS server 

You can use public DNS server such as Google Public DNS or Cloudfare DNS. To change your DNS server, follow these steps:

1. Open the Control Panel.

2. Click Network and Internet.

3. Click Change adapter settings.

4. Right-click on your network connection and select Properties.

5. Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then click Properties.

6. Select Use the following DNS server addresses and then enter the DNS server addresses of your choice.

7. Click OK.

9. Reset IP Address 

This can help you fix problems that you are facing because of a poor internet connection. To reset your IP address, follow these steps:

1. Open a command prompt window.

2. Type the following command: ipconfig /release

3. Press Enter.

4. Type the following command: ipconfig /renew

5. Press Enter.

10. Check for VPN Extensions

If you are using a VPN extension, try disabling it. You can do this by clicking on Open Manage extensions by clicking the Extensions icon in the top-right corner of your browser. Remove any extensions you don’t recall installing by going through all of them. Remove any extensions that are connected to a VPN right away.

11. Contact ChatGPT Support

If you have tried everything listed above and still it is not working then you can get help from ChatGPT Support.

Hopefully, with the above listed things you will be able to solve your problem.


ChatGPT Not Working on Chrome

Here are some possible solutions for Chatgpt not working on Chrome:

  1. Look into your internet connection. Make sure your internet connection is strong and reliable.
  1. Clear the cookies and cache on your browser. Corrupt cookies or cache files can often cause Chatgpt to malfunction. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the window and choose More tools > Clear browsing data to clear your cookies and cache in Chrome. Choose All Time from the Time range drop-down menu. Click Clear data after checking the boxes next to Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files.
  1. Disable browser extensions. Some browser extensions may cause ChatGPT to malfunction. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the window and choose More Tools> Extensions to disable browser extensions in Chrome. Switch each extension’s nearby switch to the Off position.
  1. Change your browser. Try using a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge, if ChatGPT is still not functioning on Chrome.

ChatGPT Signup is Currently Unavailable Please Try Again Later

This message indicates that the ChatGPT signup process is currently unavailable if you are seeing it. There are various reasons for this like heavy traffic or a server problem. The best course of action is to try again later.

ChatGPT Not Working Too Many Redirects

If you are seeing this message then it means that ChatGPT is redirecting you too frequently if you are seeing it. There are several reasons for this like misconfiguration on ChatGPT’s end or a problem with your browser.
Here are some possible solutions to this problem:

  1. Delete the cookies and cache on your browser. 
  1. Change your browser if you are still getting the “too many redirects” message on Chrome.
  1. Speak with ChatGPT support

ChatGPT Not Working on iPhone

If ChatGPT is not working on your iPhone, here are some possible fixes:

  1. Check your internet connection and make sure it is stable and strong.
  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of the app. You can check for updates in the App Store and do the needful.
  1. Force quit the ChatGPT app and restart it. Double-press the home button, then swipe up on the ChatGPT preview card to accomplish this.
  1. Reinstall the ChatGPT app after deleting it.

Why Chat Gpt Enter Button Not Working

The following are a few reasons for the ChatGPT enter button not working:

  1. You are pasting in pre-written prompts with line breaks already present. In prompts, ChatGPT does not support line breaks. So simply take out the line break from your prompt to fix this.
  1. You are using a browser that does not support ChatGPT. Currently, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge all support ChatGPT. Try switching to one of these supported browsers if you are currently using a different browser.
  1. The ChatGPT website or app has a problem. The ChatGPT website or app may be having issues if you’ve tried everything listed above and the enter button is still not functioning. You might try asking ChatGPT support for assistance in this situation.


Although ChatGPT is a strong tool, it is not without flaws. There are a few possible things that you can try to resolve the issue if your Chatgpt is not functioning properly for you. 

Please contact ChatGPT support if ChatGPT is still not functioning after you have tried all the possible solutions we discussed.