Chief Digital Officers (CDOs): How Many and How Much they Make?




The chief digital officer (CDO) role emerged alongside the digital transformation, and companies are rapidly making room for the position. In a report released in May 2015, The CDO Club estimated that the number of CDOs worldwide would double between 2014 and 2015, from 1,000 to 2,000…. Other research also suggests that more companies are relying on CDOs—or similar professionals—to navigate the digital landscape. When a January 2015 study by Accenture asked executives worldwide about their progress in leveraging digital governance and decision-making, 80% of respondents said they had a CDO or comparable role to oversee the use of digital technologies.

To this we can add research findings from Mondo, a digital marketing and technology resourcing provider. In the recent National Digital Marketing Salary Guide. Mondo reported that the Chief Digital Officer garners the highest salary among digital marketing executives, with $301,000 at the high end and $156,000 at the low end.