Data is Eating the World Quotable Quotes

“The power to predict the future is about to emerge. The amount of data will grow by a million times over the next 30 years”—Masayoshi Son, CEO, SoftBank Group @masason

“As a FedEx employee in 1996, I was in the room when our CIO challenged Teradata on why any company would ever need a terabyte of data”–Chad Meley @chad_meley

“Although it is fashionable to say that we are producing more data than ever, the reality is that we always produced data, we just didn’t know how to capture it in useful ways”—Subbarao Kambhampati  @rao2z

“Like so many things Amazon does, I’m sure it doesn’t look at it as a convenience store, doesn’t look at it as a bookstore, but looks at it as a data experiment. The  stores themselves are not the big idea”—Neil Stern, senior partner, McMillanDoolittle

“American tech giants have more information on everyone who uses the internet than any other organizations on the planet”—Kara Swisher @karaswisher

“The ability to apply algorithms in real time at finely granulated levels to find previously hidden patterns and insights all depends on having an excellent understanding of the question you are asking and the nature of data”—William Mayo, CIO, The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

“In the process of collecting data, although everyone thinks that these data are important assets, they have not thought out clearly where they can be used…(data’s) value is completely determined by the application scenario”–????????????????????????????AI+????

“There is a gap between the policy community and the technical community on what exactly it means to value data”—James Zou, Stanford

“If you are going to be using public data and especially for public purposes, then we shouldn’t have a black box sort of AI system”— Senator Martin Heinrich (D., N.M.) @MartinHeinrich

“The internet’s purpose is to ratify knowledge through the accumulation and manipulation of ever expanding data. Human cognition loses its personal character. Individuals turn into data, and data become regnant”—Henry Kissinger

“Building AI represents a fundamentally different paradigm than building traditional software. The performance of an AI system depends more on the data than the algorithm—in most cases, without labeled data, there is no model. Similarly, for a model to improve and adapt, it requires more data rather than simply more code”—Alexandr Wang @alexandr_wang

“Data is one of the key fuels of AI progress, so a dataset containing a couple of hundred thousand labelled pictures of faces will be like jetfuel for human surveillance”—Jack Clark @jackclarksf