8 Best Deepnude AI Tools to Create Deepfake nudes

Deepnude AI Generators are remarkable technology through which users can transform their clothed photographs into unclothed images With No Blur. These tools utilize advanced AI technology and deep learning algorithms to remove clothes from your content and generate accurate deepnude images which can be used for art or educational purposes. 

This technology is specially developed for adult audiences who have a keen interest in deepnude images and therefore, should only be accessed by adults.

What is Deepnude AI?

Deepnude AI is a technology that can remove clothing from a given photograph and transform that image into fake deep nudes using deep learning algorithms and advanced artificial intelligence technology.

Deepnude AI is quite a controversial tool in the industry as many people believe such technology can often be misused and cause harm to women. Therefore, using such platforms carefully is important, following all the essential guidelines and avoiding using other individuals’ images without their consent. 

8 Best Deepnude AI Tools to Create Pics With No Blur

1. Undress.app

Undress.app is a leading deepnude generator that can easily remove clothes from your images and generate deepnude images at a fast speed. This web-based platform offers a user-friendly interface through which users can effortlessly transform their regular images into deepnudes in just a few simple steps. 

Users must choose the “Undress” option to use this platform and upload their images online. Next, draw over the zone you wish to remove clothes from and then select presets or users can also keep it empty. Once done, click on “Generate” and the clothes removal process will begin and your deepnude image will be generated. 


  • This tool is capable of generating highly accurate deepnude images within a few seconds. 
  • It offers a user-friendly interface. 
  • Users can browse a variety of pre-existing deepnude images under the “Hub” option. 


Paid plans begin at $5.49/month. 

2. Promptchan AI

Another popular platform that can generate Deep nude AI images using advanced AI technology is Promptchan AI. This tool is capable of generating high-quality deep nudes using text prompts. The stand-out quality of this AI platform is the range of style options available in this platform. 

To generate realistic deepnude images on Promptchan AI, users need to sign up on the official Promptchan AI website using their email addresses. Next, tap on the “Edit” option and upload your image. After this, under the prompt section enter your prompt or short description specifying your image requirements such as “remove clothes from this image.”

Users can also add a “Negative Prompt” to address things they wish to avoid from the image (Although this part is Optional). Next, select a style upload quality of your choice and click on the “Edit” option. That’s it, Promptchan AI will process your request and generate your deepnude image instantly. 


  • Users can create deepnude images using text prompts. 
  • Extensive style options, such as cinematic, art, hyperanime, and fur, are available.
  • It contains an “Explore” section through which users can browse a variety of deepnude image creations. 


The paid plans of Promptchan AI begin at $5.90/month. 

3. SoulGen DeepNude Generator

SoulGen is one of the best deepfake nude platforms through which users can easily remove clothes from their photographs and transform them into unclothed images. SoulGen is trained using deep learning models, and it contains an impressive “Edit” tool that allows users to upload their images and remove unwanted objects and clothing from their images to generate Deepnude images. 

To use Soulgen, users need to register on the platform using their email and login. Next, you have to Tap on “Edit” and select the “Edit Image” option. After this, upload the image and select the clothing areas you wish to remove from your picture. Enter a text prompt, specifying your requirements and click “Create.” Soulgen will instantly process your request and generate your deepfake nude image on the platform. 


  • It is an AI-based tool and utilizes deep learning algorithms to generate Deepnude online. 
  • This tool is capable of generating realistic-looking results. 
  • Soulgen contains a simple interface.


Soulgen contains two pricing plans to access advanced features such as priority queue, blur removal, Multi-creations, and more. Here are the two pricing plans of Soulgen: 

  • 1 month plan: $9.99
  • 12 months plan: $69.99

4. Nudify.Online

Nudify Online is a free deepfake nude maker that allows users to eliminate clothes from their photographs and transform them into deepnude images using AI technology. This tool is one of the most accurate deepnude generators that provide high-quality results at a fast speed. 

Users can access this tool for free by registering on the Nudify online website using their email address. Once logged in, you must upload your image on the web-based service and paint the areas using a virtual brush to highlight the clothing elements you wish to remove from the uploaded images. Within a few seconds, nudify online will analyze your request and generate a deepnude image based on your preferences. 


  • It contains “Auto” and “Manual” paint options to generate deepnude images. 
  • Nudify online allows users to generate deepnude images in different types such as Lingerie, Barbie, etc. 
  • This tool allows users to select their desired body type, age, and image resolution. 


Free, paid plans begin at $5.49/month. 

5. Undress AI

Undress AI is an impressive deep nude AI tool that can instantly remove clothes from your images and generate realistic deepnude photographs. This tool is trained using thousands of images using which the platform can easily distinguish and generate deepnude images from a clothed photograph.

This deepnude tool is extremely easy to use, you need to upload your image on the platform, choose a generation mode, and click on “Create.” That’s it, within a few seconds, the advanced AI technology will begin processing your image and generate your naked image. 


  • This platform is trained using thousands of AI images. 
  • Undress AI generates high-quality AI images for you within a few seconds. 
  • It contains an intuitive interface. 


Free, paid plans start from $5.49/month. 

5. Candy AI

Candy AI is an AI-powered platform that allows users to generate deepnude AI content online and allows users to have chats with them. This tool offers a variety of customization options through which users can easily explore their fantasies and generate their desired deepnude character by simply choosing tags and filters.

Users can also create deepnude images of an existing character on this platform using text prompts. Overall, Candy AI is a decent AI platform that anyone can easily access thanks to its simple and user-friendly interface. 


  • This tool offers excellent options for action, body, clothing, etc. 
  • Users can browse a variety of AI characters available on this platform through the “Explore” option. 
  • With this tool, users can create deepnude characters and engage in conversions. 


Paid plans of Candy AI are available at $9.99/month. 

7. DreamGF

DreamGF is another excellent platform that allows users to generate Deepnude AI character creations. This tool is powered by advanced AI technology and offers various customization options through which users can effortlessly generate their desired deepnude character. 

This platform not only allows users to create their desired deepnude content but also encourages users to engage in conversations with them and have a fun time. DreamGF offers a variety of characteristics, styles, and personality options to choose from along with an easy-to-use interface. 


  • Variety of style, characteristics, personality, and other customization options. 
  • It contains a simple and user-friendly interface. 
  • With this tool, users can create their desired deepnude character and engage in conversations with them effortlessly. 


DreamGF offers a free trial option, in which the paid plans start from $9.99/month. 

8. Deepnude CC

DeepNude CC is a free deepfake nude AI that allows users to easily transform their regular photographs into realistic naked images within a few seconds. This tool utilizes neural networks and advanced AI technology to remove clothes from your images. 

To use this Deepnude CC, users need to start by registering on the web-based platform with an email address and logging in on the website. Next, you must upload an image online and adjust the size based on your preference. Now, click on the “Process” option. This will instantly analyze your image and remove clothing from your uploaded images within seconds.

Since this tool is specially developed to generate deepnude images users don’t need to provide any prompt for further image generation. Deepnude CC will detect the clothing areas and generate a deepnude image by analyzing and processing your uploaded photograph. 


  • Users can create high-quality and realistic-looking deepnude photographs at a fast speed. 
  • This tool contains a simple interface and users can generate their deepnude images in just three simple steps. 


A free plan is available although generated images will be blurred and limited features will be available. Paid plans start at $29.95, which is $0.30/Image, which provides 100 image credits. 

Deepnude AI – FAQs

Is deepnude legit?

Deepnude is considered illegal in some countries and locations. Therefore, ensuring deepnude technology is legal in your area before using these platforms is important.

Apart from this, you must have the complete consent of the individual before using their image for deepnude creation. Non-consensual deepnude generation is considered illegal, thus users should avoid using images without consent. 

What is the difference between DeepNude and Deepfake porn?

DeepNude platforms utilize advanced AI technology to create realistic-looking images by removing clothes from your uploaded images. Meanwhile, deepfake is more about switching the faces of an individual to another person’s body.

Deepfakes often look less realistic in comparison to deepnude technology as adjusting the face with another person’s body can be extremely hard. 

Can I get a premium version of DeepNude for free?

No, the premium version of DeepNude cannot be accessed for free and users need to purchase the paid plans to access the premium features. 

Can you deep nude a photo with face swap?

Yes, there is a wide range of ai nude maker tools available through which users face-swap to generate deep-nude content. Some popular face swap platforms are SoulGen, Vidnoz Face Swap, etc. 

Is there deep-nude software for PCs?

SoulGen AI, Promptchan AI, Deepnude AI, etc are some of the best deepnude software for PCs that can be easily used to generate deepnude images. 


Deepnude AI generators are impressive AI-powered platforms through which users can effortlessly create images for various purposes such as art, creativity, education, etc.

However, while using technology like deep nude it’s important to maintain ethical and legal boundaries. You must have proper permission and consent while using this technology. Using images of people without their consent is considered illegal and can cause legal troubles for users. Therefore, users must access Deepnude AI responsibly.