Dress Remover AI Online: 7 Free Tools

Dress Remover AI is a technology based on advanced AI and deep learning algorithms that can identify and remove clothes from your images using text prompts or filters. The algorithms are trained on massive datasets that contain a wide range of images of people dressed in numerous clothing styles including nude images. 

After the algorithm is trained using the data, it uses that information to remove clothes from individuals’ images. Recently. Dress Remover AI tools have received huge recognition from across the world and there is a wide range of AI tools available that can undress clothing from individuals’ images.

Here, we are going to mention Dress Remover AI Online: 7 Free Tools through which you can remove dresses from your images. 

What is Dress Remover AI?

Dress Remover AI is a type of artificial intelligence that allows users to selectively remove clothes from specific parts of images. It utilizes deep learning algorithms to identify, select, and eliminate clothing from the images and create fake nudes.

There is a wide range of Dress Remover AI generators available in the market that allow users to edit and generate fake nudes on their images and perform unlimited edits for free.

Best Free Dress Remover AI Online Tools

Dress Remover AI is an excellent technology through which users can transform and undress clothing from their images and generate fake nudes. Here are some of the best free dress remover AI online tools that you can use: 

1. Soulgen

Soulgen is an excellent Dress Removing AI Tool that can remove clothing from your uploaded images and generate your desired outcomes using textual prompts. Soulgen’s “Edit image” option allows users to edit their images and remove various objects including clothing within a few seconds.

To use Soulgen, users need to start by signing up on its official site using their email address and Tapping on the “Edit Image” option. Next, you need to upload your image online. Now, you need to select the areas you want to get rid of and click on “Remove Object.”

Within a few seconds, it will remove clothing and generate your desired image. Users can provide more specific instructions by entering a text prompt and specifying their requirements. Soulgen is one of the best clothes remover websites for generating AI nude images. 


  • It is capable of generating high-resolution images. 
  • Soulgen is extremely versatile and users can generate both Real and Anime style images using this tool. 
  • It contains a user-friendly interface 


SoulGen contains a pro plan available for $9.99/month or $69.99/year. 

2. Promptchan AI

Promptchan AI is another excellent platform you can use for the generation of AI Nude images. This Dress Remover AI tool allows users to generate realistic AI Nude images in different poses, styles, and scenarios. This tool contains a wide range of image-creating styles such as Cinematic, Anime, Art, and more.

It also offers numerous pose options that can be utilized by users. The best part about this tool is that it not only allows users to generate AI nude images but also AI nude videos using simple text prompts. So, if you are looking for a good AI nude image and video-generating tool, then Promptchan AI is a perfect option for you. 


  • This tool utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms for dress removal. 
  • It offers a wide range of style options. 
  • Users can perform various customization by providing text prompts. 
  • Time-Efficient 


Plus Plan Premium Plan Pro Plan 
$5.99/month $9.50/month $13.50/month 

3. Undress AI

Undress AI is a free deep-nude AI tool that allows users to create fake nudes using advanced AI technology. Unleash the power of deepnude AI with Undress AI’s photo generator. This tool allows users to transform their regular images into high-quality AI nude images using simple clicks.

To use Undress AI, users need to sign up to the Undress AI website and upload their images online you wish to undress. Within a few seconds, the advanced algorithm and technology of Undress AI will analyze your image and transform it into a realistic AI Nude image. 


  • Excellent customization options are available. 
  • It can remove clothes from your images with high accuracy. 
  • Doesn’t require any download or installation process as it’s a web-based tool. 
  • It’s a fast processing tool and can create your images within a few seconds. 


Undress AI offers a free plan. The premium plans are mentioned below: 

Basic Plan Standard Plan Pro Plan 
$5.49/month $16.99/month $37.99/month

4. DreamGF

DreamGF is an AI Girlfriend App that allows users to generate their desired AI GF for virtual relationships and chatting purposes using Artificial intelligence. This tool can also be utilized as a Dress Remover AI, it utilizes advanced AI algorithms to remove clothes from your existing images and generate your desired outcome.

This tool contains a user-friendly interface through which users can easily generate their desired AI Nude images within a few seconds. DreamGF contains excellent customization options through which users can decide the overall appearance of the image. This tool offers a free trial through which users can test out the platform and remove clothing from photos effortlessly. 


  • Allow users to create AI nude images and undress clothing. 
  • Users can indulge in virtual relationships with numerous AI models. 
  • It offers a free trial through which users can access the tool at no cost. 


DreamGF offers a free trial, paid plans begin at $11.99/month. 

5. PornX AI

Just like the name suggests, PornX AI is an AI-powered website that allows users to create realistic AI Porn or Nude images without any registration process. This tool is specially designed for the adult audience to generate explicit content. PornX AI contains a simple and user-friendly interface through which users can generate Nude images using different filters and styles to create high-resolution adult-oriented images effortlessly.

This tool also offers image enhancement features through which users can enhance their images and create AI-generated images of people undressing. Not only clothes, but with this tool users can also get rid of unwanted objects or elements from your images using the inpainting feature. So, if you are looking for a Dress Remover AI online platform through which you can generate custom AI nude images then PornX.AI is perfect for you. 


  • Users can generate their desired AI Porn images by selecting tags and filters. 
  • It contains an upscaling feature, through which users can upscale their images to greater quality. 
  • The Inpainting feature gives you the ability to erase unwanted parts from your images easily.
  • Premium users enter a text prompt explaining their requirements in detail. 


Free, premium plan starts from €9.99/month. 

6. Pornderful

Pornderful is an AI-powered platform through which users can undress AI images and create fake nudes using simple clicks. This tool is highly known for generating sensational AI Porn or Nude images of Woman, Man, and Shemale.

To use Pornderful, users need to start by visiting the official site of Pornderful and choosing the gender and image size of their desired image. Next, it’s time to specify your requirements such as body type, age, facial expressions, haircut, nationality, clothing, and much more. Once done, click on “Generate Image” and your AI image will be generated instantly. 


  • It contains a wide range of customization options such as Body Type, Clothing, Nationality, Pose, Nudity, Makeup, etc. 
  • Users can create unlimited amounts of images using AI models. 
  • Provides a user-friendly interface 
  • It offers a search and archive option through which users can browse a variety of AI images generated by other users and gain inspiration.


Free, Pornderful contains a VIP Plan available for $20/month. 

7. DeepNudeNow

Lastly, DeepNudeNow is an AI Dress-removing platform that utilizes advanced AI technology and deep learning algorithms. Through this tool, users can undress clothes from images and create realistic AI nude images at a fast speed. To use this platform, users need to start by visiting the official site of DeepNudeNow.

Next, you need to drag and drop your image to upload (10 MB – max file size) and crop your image. Send your image to the queue, once your queue position is on your image will be instantly analyzed and it will remove clothes from your photo and your desired image will be generated. DeepNudeNow is one of the leading Undressing tool choices available. 


  • This tool can create high-quality and realistic AI nude images. 
  • It generates flawless results within a few seconds. 
  • User-Friendly interface.


It offers a free plan through which users can generate limited requests. While the premium plans start at $4.99/day for unlimited requests.  

How to Choose the Best AI Dress Remover Online?

Selecting a good AI Dress Remover Online can be quite intimidating, especially looking at the high amount of options available today. Therefore, here are some of the key factors that you should consider when selecting the best AI dress remover online tool:

1. Fast speed: It’s important to look after the speed of the NSFW AI tool in order to remove clothing from images efficiently. 

2. Resolution of the image: Another extremely important factor to look after is the quality of the image. You must select an AI Dress remover tool that can create high-quality images for best results. 

3. Accuracy: A good AI Dress Remover should be able to understand the requirements of users and remove clothing from your images based on the entered prompt.

4. Price: The cost of the Dress removing the AI tool is another important factor that needs to be considered while selecting an undressing tool. Look for those AI tools that fit perfectly in your price bracket. 

5. User-Friendly: Using an AI dress remover shouldn’t be difficult therefore, it’s important you select an AI tool that can be easily accessed by you and contains a simple interface. 


Is There a Size Limit When Uploading an Image to Dress Remover AI Online?

The Size limit of an image entirely depends on the tool you are accessing as each Dress Remover AI contains a different size limit. Few generators allow users to upload an image regardless of its size. 

How does Dress Remover AI Work?

Dress Remover AI works through algorithms and patterns that identify uploaded images and eliminate clothing from pictures. Tools like Dress Remover AI are highly utilized for creative editing and design purposes. 

How many Images can I Edit using the Remove Dress AI Tool?

The total number of images that can be edited using the Remove Dress AI Tool depends on the tool you are accessing as each platform contains a limited amount of image criteria. Few generators even allow unlimited image editing at no cost. 

Can Anyone Use Dress Remover AI?

No, Dress Remover AI is only available for adults, anyone below the age of 18 cannot access Dress Remover AI. 

Is Dress Remover AI Accessible for Free?

Yes, there are numerous Dress Remover AI options available for free such as Nudify AI, Promptchan AI, DreamGF, and more.


Dress Removing AI is a technology through which users can get rid of clothing from their images and generate fake nudes. There are a variety of naked AI generators through which users can generate nude images. Above we have mentioned the top 7 Free Dress Remover AI tools that you can use to get rid of clothes from your images effortlessly.