Best Deepnude Telegram Bots 2024

DeepNude AI bots have gained huge popularity over the last few years. Telegram is one of the easiest platforms to access deepnude bots without restrictions. Deepnude Telegram bots digitally undress characters within an image and return their nude picture.

Deepnude apps are widely used for educational, commercial, or entertainment purposes. They are trained using various Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to produce realistic and high-quality nudes. This article covers some of the best Deepnude Telegram bots in 2024 with their features.

Best Deepnude Telegram Bots

Though the primary purpose of the Deepnude Telegram bot is to nudify individuals within an image, each deepnude app boasts unique features. We’ve carefully reviewed the best deepnude bots on Telegram and below is what we think about each app.

1. Deep-Nude.AI

Deepnude AI is one of the most popular Telegram deepnude bots that uses the latest technology to undress images. The platform is free and requires no upfront user registration to nudify images. Simply visit the official Deepnude AI website, upload an image, and get the nudified image in just a few seconds. It also offers access to all its features within the Telegram interface for users to enjoy nude content without restrictions.


  • Deepnude is available to all mobile and desktop users without having to create an account.
  • Users can create and customize their AI nude girl using the available customization options.
  • It generates high-quality images with various download formats.
  • Users can sext with AI girlfriends.
  • Deepnude AI keeps user information secure and confidential. It doesn’t share it with third-party websites.

2. Seduced AI

Seduced AI is one of the best telegram deepnude bots in 2024. The tool offers various features alongside undressing images. It generates porn images and videos in less than 10 seconds. It also allows users to create new AI girlfriends and reuse them. Seduced AI generates realistic and anime nude images in various sex poses from a raw image.


  • Seduced AI produces both porn images and videos.
  • Users can enhance the nude images until they match their preferences.
  • Users can reuse their characters or store them after creating them once.
  • Seduced nude bot telegram has a beginner-friendly interface.
  • Users can choose to set the images to private mode.

3. SoulGen

Soulgen is undoubtedly the best Deepnude Telegram bots that generate nudes from text prompts. The app undresses individuals within an image using deep learning technology and returns the results in a few seconds. It also creates nude images from scratch using text prompts. Soulgen has a beginner-friendly interface for users to easily upload images and get their nudified version right within the Telegram interface.


  • Users can nudify images by entering text prompts.
  • Soulgen delivers nude images within the Telegram chatbot.
  • Soulgen can edit the images before or after generating the nude.
  • It can create a lookalike portrait for any character.
  • Users can chat with their favorite characters through the AI chat feature.

4. is another well-known deepnude telegram chatbot that nudifies images within a few seconds. The platform takes images from users and generates nude images by applying various deepfake algorithms. Undress app is easily accessible through the Telegram chat app. You can use the Telegram Undress bot to upload images and get nudes within the same chat interface. However, note that the tool only offers access to above 18 users.


  • Undress app offers various customization options like dress, skin tone, age, body type, etc.
  • This deepnude bot telegram delivers images of high quality for a realistic feeling.
  • Users can upload images and return them to the telegram interface after the bot nudifies them.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It doesn’t store user data or images uploaded by the user.


Undress CC is one of the leading telegram fake nude bots designed for non-techies. The platform offers an auto and manual editing mode to generate nude images from original images. Users can also customize the results based on their preferred age, body type, size, skin tone, dress, etc. The app offers instant access to its Telegram bot where users can upload raw images and get nude content in return. 


  • Undress CC delivers nude images in various formats.
  • Undress CC offers high-quality and realistic nudes.
  • Users can customize the results based on their preferences.
  • The tool prioritizes user privacy by deleting their data after each usage.

6. Undress. vip

Undress VIP is the go-to AI deepnude bot for generating top-quality nudes. The tool generates realistic nudes for every image uploaded by the user and delivers the results on Telegram. It is one of the most popular deep-nude apps, with over 100,000 daily visitors. Users can also write text prompts to generate their desired nude or porn images in just a few seconds.


  • Undress VIP has a user-friendly interface, making it ideal for beginners.
  • The tool offers various customization options.
  • Users can check out the sister apps of this deepnude app for sexting and face swapping with AI.
  • It gives a realistic undressing experience by combining graphic design with AI algorithms.
  • It deletes user data and images after every session to ensure complete privacy.

7. Remove Clothes Bot –

Remove Clothes Bot is a free deepnude Telegram chatbot. The bot asks users to upload images and undresses the characters within the image. It instantly applies deep learning algorithms to generate top-notch nudes in a few seconds. Users can access the chatbot directly from their Telegram account. The tool also offers various customization options.


  • Remove Clothes Bot is easily accessible on the Telegram chatbot app.
  • Users can customize the results to match their preferences.
  • The app doesn’t store user data or the images uploaded by the user.
  • The deepnude bot instantly generates nude images.
  • This deepnude chatbot returns nude images in the Telegram chat interface so users don’t have to go elsewhere.

8. Nubee.AI

Nubee AI is one of the easily accessible Telegram Deepnude bots. The bot is accessible with a single click and can nudify any image in just a few seconds. Nubee AI implements advanced deep learning and GAN algorithms to generate realistic nude images. It delivers the result in the Telegram chat app so that you don’t have to switch to another app. The Telegram deepnude chatbot respects user privacy and hence, it doesn’t store user data.


  • Nubee AI offers free tutorials for beginners to get their hands on this app.
  • The app allows users to download the nude images in high quality.
  • Users can re-edit the generated nude until it matches their imagination.
  • The deepnude app doesn’t store images on its servers.
  • Nubee AI gives free credits to users when they sign up for a new account.

9. Deepfake Nudes –

Deepfake Nudes generates nude images using AI and GAN algorithms. The tool asks users to upload the original image in the Telegram chatbox and applies advanced techniques to undress the image digitally. Finally, it returns the nudified image within the Telegram chatbox. Users can download this result in various formats and high resolution. Users can also ask the chatbot to re-edit the image if they are not satisfied with the current result.


  • Deepfake Nudes offers a beginner-friendly interface.
  • It is easily accessible on Telegram.
  • It generates nude images in high resolution.
  • Users can customize the image based on their body type, age, size, etc.
  • The platform doesn’t store user data.

10. DeepNude Now

Deepnude Now is a revolutionary undress Telegram bot that uses advanced AI technology to digitally undress images. The tool offers a beginner-friendly interface for users to quickly upload images and get nude photos in a few seconds. It offers instant access to the Telegram bot where users can use Deepnude Now features without any restrictions. Most features of this undress deepnude bot are available for free.


  • Deepnude Now doesn’t add watermarks to images.
  • This fake nude bot has advanced AI technology that undresses images instantly.
  • It offers automatic image resizing and compression options.
  • It doesn’t store the user data or images.
  • The bot delivers the nude images within the Telegram interface.


Clothoff io is an innovative deep nude bot Telegram with an intuitive interface. The app takes dressed images from users and digitally undresses the images within seconds. Clothoff io offers images in various formats and delivers them in excellent resolution. It also offers tips and tricks to get the best results after editing the image.


  • Clothoff io is available for mobile and desktop users.
  • Users get high-quality nudes in just a few seconds.
  • It maintains user privacy by immediately deleting their data after each session.
  • Clothoff io offers API for integration into third-party websites.
  • Users get referral bonuses for referring the app to others.

FAQs – Best Deepnude Telegram Bots

Can I access Deepnude Telegram Bots for Free?

Yes, you can access various AI nude bots on Telegram for free. Most deepnude telegram bots offer access to their basic features for free. However, the free telegram nude bots offer nudes with watermarks. To get rid of the watermark and access to all features of nude bots, you can switch to their premium plans.

Is it Possible to Create my Own Telegram Nude Bot?

You can create your Telegram nude bot if you are a tech-savvy person or programmer. You must know how to program the nude Telegram bot and run it. Also, consider the ethical and legal implications of creating the deepfake telegram bot. Do not create a telegram bot that violates the rules and regulations of your country.

How to find a Nude Bot on Telegram?

To search for a nude bot on Telegram, you can use various keywords like “nudebot”, “undress bot”, “fake nude bot”, “nudify bot”, “deep nude bot”, or enter the name of deepnude apps directly in the search bar.

Is it Safe to Use DeepnudeTelegram Bots?

Yes, it is safe to use deepnude Telegram bots. These bots respect user privacy and confidentiality. Remember, not to violate the Terms of use of these bots as it may cause legal actions against the user. Also, be careful while sharing the images on these apps.

Final Words

Deepnude Telegram bots are an excellent way to kill your boredom when you are alone or to address your wild fantasies. These bots are easily accessible on Telegram. They deliver nude images within Telegram and also let you chat with virtual companions. If you want nude bots on Telegram, the Deepnude Telegram bots listed in this article are the best options to start from. Remember, to use them ethically and legally.