EMC’s David Goulden on the Reasons for not Breaking up with VMware (Video)


David Goulden, EMC: “Our corporate clients are looking for fewer, more strategic technology partners, not more small partners.  vendors

re/code: Goulden is the CEO of EMC’s information infrastructure business unit, the biggest portion of the federation that includes its main business of selling equipment used to store information in corporate data centers, and which accounted for $18 billion in revenue last year. Previously, he was EMC’s COO and is considered a possible successor to current EMC CEO Joe Tucci, who has been working without a contract since February and is expected to retire by the end of the year.

Does he want to be CEO? “The short answer is that the timing and the selection of a CEO, that’s up to the board of directors,” Goulden said.

“As it relates to me,” he added, “I love my job, it’s a great job, the best one I’ve actually had and I want to help the federation in any way I can to make sure it stays in the winner’s column. Beyond that you’ll have to get back to the board on how they’ll manage the process.”