Verified Enhanced Listing + 1,000 Clicks ($497) is the #1 AI tools database and resource for professionals adopting AI.

This enhanced package includes a one-time fee of $247 + 1,000 clicks across our website and newsletter. Assuming your tool meets our editorial and quality guidelines, your listing will be awarded:

  1. Verified checkmark - This enhances credibility among our users who are looking for tools whose features have been verified by our editorial team.
  2. Enhanced listing pages - This can include a video, several FAQs, and search engine indexing.
  3. Free newsletter feature ($399 value)
  4. 1,000 clicks guarantee - Between our newsletter and website placements, we will deliver clicks to your tool's website. Generally, it takes between 1-3 months to deliver all clicks, but if they are not met within 1 year, we will issue a pro-rata refund.
  5. Eligible for additional sponsorships - We only allow verified tools to sponsor in our newsletter , website, YouTube channel , social channels, editorial content, and custom collaborations.
  6. Eligible for free placements - Examples include our deals page , our AI website chatbot helper, and our personalized recommendations engine.

Refund Policy: If our editorial team denies your Verified listing submission for any reason, you will promptly receive a full refund.

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