GetIdol Review 

GetIdol AI is an impressive AI chatbot platform through which users can engage in uncensored conversations with a variety of AI idols available.

About GetIdol 

GetIdol is an AI-powered chat service that allows users to play and collect images of their desired AI Idols. This platform allows users to generate their own ultimate AI fantasy and engage in unique roleplay fantasies by enacting various storylines and scenarios with the idol. Apart from chatting, this platform also allows users to create personalized idols by customizing their entire appearance and personalized for an enhanced experience online.

It is an uncensored character and scenario generation platform where users can truly express their characters without any restrictions. You can create both NSFW (Not Safe for Work) and SFW storylines and scenarios on this platform without worrying about anything. In Fact, the idols available on GetIdol can also generate and send out personalized images to the users to enhance their experience. GetIdol offers a user-friendly interface that can be easily accessed by anyone including beginners which makes it an excellent chat and idol-generating platform. 

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Company Name GetIdol 
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GetIdol AI Features

  • Roleplay Fantasies: GetIdol allows users to engage in unique roleplay scenarios and storylines and have a fun and unique experience online by chatting with their AI idols. There are no restrictions regarding the roleplay fantasies thus, users can ask the idol to roleplay any storyline they like or desire. 
  • Interactive chat experience: This tool contains numerous idol options with different personalities with whom users can engage in interactive conversations and have a fun time.
  • Good customization options: GetIdol allows users to generate their desired AI idol in both Realistic and Anime styles. It offers excellent options for hairstyle, hair color, body, skin tone, age, and much more to bring your dream idol to life. 
  • Idol generation: Users can create their own Idol by customizing its entire look and personality to generate their dream idol.
  • Numerous AI model options: There are a wide range of AI idols available on this platform with different looks and personalities that users can engage in conversations with.

GetIdol AI Use Cases – Real-World Applications

GetIdol is an excellent AI chat service and idol generation tool that can be utilized by users in various real-world applications which are mentioned below: 

  • People who struggle with communicating or want to share their emotions or desires can use this platform to have unique and uncensored conversations without any restrictions and express themselves completely.
  • Creators can generate their own fantasy world on GetIdol, create their desired Idol on this platform and engage in fun roleplay scenarios and storylines with them. 
  • Users can access this platform to have a fun and unique chat experience online with their desired AI idol.
  • Collect images of any idol in different types of scenarios or generate your own personalized AI idol to play with for an enhanced experience. 

GetIdol AI Pricing

GetIdol AI contains a free option through which users can access the platform with limited features such as 50 tokens/week, 1 idol generation, and the ability to view 3 images. To send more messages and generate more than 1 idol on this platform users need to subscribe to its paid plans mentioned below:

Premium Plan VIP Plan Pay as you go 
$6.99/month $16.99/month 600 tokens – $4.99
350 tokens/week (~350 messages)1400 tokens/week (~1400 messages)1400 tokens – $8.99
Create up to 6 idolsCreate unlimited idols2690 tokens – $12.99
View unlimited imagesView unlimited imagesView unlimited images for 2 months


Is GetIdol AI a safe platform? 

Yes, GetIdol is a safe platform where users can interact with a variety of AI idols and engage in uncensored conversations with them without any privacy issues. This platform takes crucial privacy measures to ensure users feel safe and free to express their thoughts and emotions without any privacy concerns.

Is GetIdol AI available for free? 

Yes, GetIdol AI offers a free plan through which users can access the platform for free using limited messaging and features. However, to access unlimited messaging and idol generation users have to subscribe to its premium plan starting from $6.99/month. 

Can I cancel my GetIdol AI subscription plan? 

Yes, you can cancel your GetIdol AI subscription plan at any time with just one simple click. Simply visit the subscription site of GetIdol and click on “Cancel my plan.”

Does GetIdol have a mobile application? 

No, GetIdol doesn’t have a mobile application available for the platform. However, users can access this platform through their smartphone by visiting the official website of GetIdol through their desired browser and enjoy an interactive chat experience with their desired idol via their smartphone.