How to Expand Image with AI Image Expander

AI Image Expander is an AI-powered tool that can extend images in any direction for a variety of social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more. These AI Image AI-expanding tools help expand your image without stretching or losing the quality of the image. With AI Image expansion tools users can easily transform a landscape image into a portrait or a landscape image into a horizontal image. 

In this article, we are going to talk about how to expand an Image with an AI Image Expander and list down some of the best AI Image-expanding tools that you can use for image expansion.

Can you extend an image with AI?

Yes, you can extend an image with AI using AI Image Expanding tools. These tools help expand the original size of your image without stretching or decreasing its resolution, and make it suitable for your desired platform.

What is AI Image Expander

An AI Image Expander is a tool that utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology to expand or extend the size of your original image without stretching or losing its quality. With this tool, users can easily transform their portraits into landscape images and vice versa. An AI Image Expander is often used by people to resize an image for social media posts, generate a product image, and more to make every image fit your desired platform.  

How to Expand Image with AI Image Expander

AI Image Expander is an AI-powered tool through which you easily expand or extend your image in a few simple steps. To use an AI Image Expander, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Choose a good AI Image expander such as Runway, Canva, Fotor, etc. 
  • Sign in using your Google account
  • Click on “AI Image Expander”
  • Upload your image online 
  • Adjust the size of your image by zooming in or zooming out 
  • Click on “Generate” and the AI tool will instantly expand the size of your image without affecting the original image quality 

Which tools can be used to Expand Images with AI

AI image-expanding tools can be utilized for the expansion of images for different platforms and services without affecting the original quality of the image. Here are some of the best tools that can be used for expanding images with AI: 

1. Runway 

Runway is one of the leading AI image expansion tools that can seamlessly expand images by generating context-aware elements through descriptive text prompts. To use this platform, users need to start by uploading an image online or generating a new image using text prompts. Next, you have to move the generation frame to the area where you’d like to expand the image.

Users can also add a text prompt of what they would like to witness appear on the image and click on “Generate.” Runway will begin the image expansion process based on your requirements. Once your image is ready, you can easily download it using the icons available on the left-hand side. 

Key Features:

  • Users can easily remove the background using Runway’s Magic tool. 
  • You can utilize descriptive text prompts to generate context-aware elements. 
  • It contains good customization and editing tools through which you can enhance your image and make it more appealing. 


The monthly plan of Runway starts from $15. 

2. ExtendImage.AI

Just like the name suggests, Extend Image is an AI-powered platform that allows users to extend their images with Dalle and Stable Diffusion. This tool even allows users to create variations in their images preserving the depth. To use this tool, users need to simply upload their image online and zoom in or zoom out the image based on their preference and click on “Extend Image.”

Within a few seconds, the AI tool will begin processing your request and transform the size of your image. Users can also add a text prompt to specify any further changes they wish to see on their image. Overall, this tool is a good image-expanding platform that can be easily accessed by beginners and professionals thanks to its intuitive interface.  

Key Features:

  • Users can easily expand their images using the zoom-in feature. 
  • This tool provides a text prompt option through which users can describe their desired image. 
  • You can set the number of images you want to generate.


Pro Plan Plus Plan Advanced Subscription Enterprise Subscription
$14.99/month $19.99/month $49.99/month $249.99/month 

3. Canva 

Canva is an image-expanding tool that is capable of extending images in any direction with AI using Magic Expand on Canva Pro. With this tool, you can easily unlock a world of possibilities by expanding your images with AI. Canvas Magic Expand allows users to fix the awkward drawing, and transform your vertical shots into horizontal ones effortlessly. You can instantly fill in the rest of your images and create missing details that can easily blend into your image without affecting the original quality of your picture.

Canva’s AI picture-expanding tool can enrich your visual content with proper detail intact and quality. So, if you want to expand your image for social media or marketing campaigns Canva is the perfect tool for you.

How do you expand an image in Canva?

To expand an image in Canva, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit Canvas official site using this URL 
  • Click on “Expand Image with AI” 
  • Sign in using Google, Facebook, or email 
  • Click on Upload from the left-sidebar and upload your file 
  • Tap on the “Expand” option and select your desired image size 
  • Within a few seconds Canva will expand your image based on your selected Image size

Key Features: 

  • Extend your images without decreasing the quality. 
  • Users can also add different filters to the image to make the picture more visually appealing. 
  • Allow users to remove the background from your images. 


Pro plan is available for $119.99 annually or $14.99 monthly. 

4. Fotor 

Fotor is another excellent platform that allows users to easily expand their original images by exploring infinite possibilities. You can expand beyond the image border with Fotor’s AI Image Extender and generate amazing elements from texts. To expand your images on Fotor, you need to start by signing up on the platform using your Google account. Next, click on the “Photo Editing Tools” option select “AI Image Extender” and choose Extend image with AI.

Drag or upload your image on Fotor and zoom in or zoom out your image. Once you are satisfied with the size of the image click on the “Generate” option. Within a few seconds Fotor will begin processing your request and extend your image. Users can further download the image by clicking on the “Download” option available in the right corner. 

Key Features: 

  • This tool utilizes AI to generate amazing elements from text and expand images. 
  • You can also expand the photo background with your imagination. 
  • Fotor’s Magic Tool allows users to brush out various parts of images effortlessly and recreate their images. 


The AI Expand beta all Pro and Pro+ users to expand an unlimited amount of images. Free users can extend up to 9 images per day for free.

Fotor Pro Fotor Pro+ 
$3.33/month $7.49/month 

5. Kapwing

You can also resize or expand your images on Kapwing using its advanced AI Image extender tool. Easily extend your images and fill in all the empty spaces from your images using the AI Outpainting powered by OpenAI’s DALL-E. Transform your portraits into landscape images and vice versa using Kapwing while maintaining the context of your image. Not only does Kapwing help easily resize your images that can fit any social media platform but also ensures the quality of your image is properly maintained. The best part about this tool is that it doesn’t stretch or distort your image quality. With this tool you can access a wide range of aspect ratio presets to fit your image for any social media platform such as Instagram, YouTube, Reels, YouTube Shorts, and more. Users can also enhance their images now without any additional effort or adjusting any image settings. 

Key Features: 

  • It contains an AI Outpainting tool powered by DALL-E, through which you can extend your images and fill in the blanks easily.
  • A Variety of aspect ratio presets to fit your image to any form of social media platform. 
  • Don’t lose the quality of your image. 
  • Ready-to-use presets to resize from 9:16 to 4:5 without distortion or stretching of image quality.


Free plan available. Premium plans are mentioned below: 

Pro Plan Business Plan Enterprise 
$16/month $50/month Contact Sales 

How do I expand an image in Dall E 2?

Here is a step-by-step process on how to expand an image in DALL-E 2:

  • Upload your image online or create a new image using textual prompts. 
  • Determine the size of the image based on your preference. 
  • Specify the target size of your image. 
  • Resize the image using various image editing software such as Photoshop or GIMP. 
  • Once your image is resized, upscale it to enhance its quality, you can achieve this through tools such as Let’s Enhance or Topaz Gigapixel AI. 
  • After your image has been upscaled, save your image in your device in PNG or TIFF for high-resolution. 


Is there a free AI image extender?

Yes, there are a variety of free AI Image extenders available such as Kapwing, Phot.AI, Fotor, PicsArt, and more.

Can Midjourney extend an image?

Yes, Midjourney contains a “Zoom out” feature through which users can extend the image beyond its original boundaries without affecting the image’s original quality. 

How much does an AI image enlarger cost?

The cost of an AI Image enlarger depends on the tool you are using for example, if you are accessing Fotor the pro plan will cost you $3.33/month. While, if you are accessing Canva for image enlargement then it will cost you $14.99 monthly.

What is the best free AI image upscale online?

Some of the best free AI Image upscalers online are as follows: 

  • Fotor 
  • Pixelcut 
  • Img2go 
  • Aiseesoft
  • Icons8