Mobile Futures: Every aspect of the modern economy will be challenged


The Future of Mobility, Deloitte University Press:

Deloitte’s Center for the Edge argues that a new mobility ecosystem could spark a “virtual” value chain in which the ability to capture, aggregate, and analyze mobility-related data becomes a tremendous source of value. In this vision, value will accrete to those who:

  1. Provide end-to-end seamless mobility
  2. Manage the mobility network operating system
  3. Holistically create and manage the in-vehicle experience

Rewards could be great for players that are able to capture, analyze, and (securely) monetize the awareness of where people travel to, the routes they take to get there, and what they do along the way. While third parties will no doubt pay for access to this information, perhaps the greatest value will be realized by new entrants who emerge as “trusted advisers” to help all of us navigate the new ecosystem and increase our “return on mobility.” These companies may also enable the ecosystem to monetize new services and ownership models…

Every aspect of the modern economy based on the assumption of human-driven, personally owned vehicles will be challenged. Each company in this new ecosystem will have to determine where to play and how to win. As in any time of large-scale transformation, we can expect to see new players, with differentiated capabilities, emerge and change the fundamental dynamics of where and how value is created. Ultimately, the market, in its relentless quest for higher performance at lower cost, will decide who wins and who loses.