9 FREE Naked AI Generator: Make Photos into AI Nudes

Naked AI Generators are AI-powered tools that allow users to convert their regular images into high-quality Nude images using simple clicks. These Naked AI Generators help assist digital creators, marketers, and photographers to experience different poses, styles, lighting, shadows, and scenarios.

There are various AI tools that can generate Naked AI images using text prompts such as Soulgen AI and Promptchan AI. While some tools can transform your uploaded images directly into Nude AI images such as Undress AI. In this article, we are going to mention the top 9 free naked AI generators that can transform your photos into AI nudes. So, let’s begin. 

What is a Naked AI Generator?

Naked AI Generator is an AI-powered application that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to generate high-quality Naked images.

This tool basically analyzes the uploaded image and generates fake nudes. When using a Naked AI Generator it’s important the user act with responsibility and care and avoid using any image of an individual without their consent or permission. Since this goes against the guidelines of Naked AI Generators and could land the users in trouble.  

Best Naked AI Generator

Naked AI Generator is a unique AI platform that can transform your regular images into Naked or Nude Images within a few seconds. Here are some of the best Naked AI Generators that can help you generate stunning Nude images: 

1. Candy AI

Candy AI

Candy AI is an extraordinary AI-powered tool through which users can Chat and connect with numerous AI Characters. This tool allows users to unleash their desires and create their own dream virtual girlfriend by customizing its looks, personality, voice, clothing, and much more.

Candy AI allows users to explore multiple AI Characters along with different personalities and appearances. All the available characters contain a short description that includes their Age, personality, and occupation which can assist users in choosing their desired virtual companion. 

Key Features: 

  • Personalized chatting experiences with ease. 
  • Allow users to generate stunning AI images by selecting their desired tags. 
  • Ask for images from your virtual companion. 
  • Users can engage in roleplay and ask the AI character to imitate various AI characters, scenarios, storylines, etc. 
  • Excellent customization option for appearance, voice, personality, etc. 
  • Premium users can access audio messages from their AI companion for a personalized experience. 


  • Good customization 
  • User-Friendly interface 
  • Unfiltered conversations 


  • Lacks information regarding the privacy and security measures. 
  • Doesn’t contain a mobile application. 

Pricing: Candy AI offers a free plan with limited features. While the premium plan begins at $12.99/month. 

2. Soulgen AI

Soulgen AI is an AI-powered tool that allows users to generate Naked AI images of both Real and Anime Girl using text prompts. With this tool, users can bring their dream girls to life in mere seconds. Soulgen AI utilizes machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks to analyze and process the prompts and transform them into realistic-looking images.

To use this platform, users need to simply enter a prompt describing the kind of image they are looking for and select their desired tags including the body type, clothing, hair, face, and more. This platform is perfect for content creators, artists, social media, and more to generate stunning AI images with its customization options. 

Key Features: 

  • This tool can generate high-quality AI Naked outputs 
  • User-friendly interface
  • Soulgen AI contains excellent customization options through which users can edit an image, expand and remove unwanted elements
  • This tool also allows users to collaborate with other users’ art creations


  • Generates high-quality images 
  • Create images in both Real and Anime style 
  • Time-efficient 
  • Easy to use 


  • No mobile application 
  • Requires subscription to remove blur 

Pricing: The Premium plan of Soulgen AI begins at $9.99/month. 

3. Promptchan AI

Promptchan AI is a free Naked AI Generator. This tool allows users to create uncensored AI images in numerous styles from Anime/Hentai to Hypperal to Photorealistic. Promptchan AI contains some of the most advanced models for Naked image generation through which users can easily create adult and porn images, and design their desired AI Girls without any restrictions.

The best part about this tool is that it comes with a “No censorship policy”, therefore users don’t need to worry about any harsh restrictions or censorship set by AI platforms and explore their creativity efficiently. Users can also enable the Private mode on this platform to keep their work to themselves and explore their fantasies in peace. 

Key Features: 

  • Users can refine their images.
  • Good customization options such as Style, Poses, Filters, etc.
  • Users can also provide a Negative Prompt to avoid any unwanted elements. 
  • Active community for prompt inspiration. 


  • Simple sign-up option
  • Good customization options 
  • Time-efficient 


  • May not be suitable for all audience 
  • Might raise occasional inconsistencies 

Pricing: The Paid Plans of Promptchan AI start from $11.99/month. 

4. NSFWArtGenerator.AI

NSFWAIArtGenerator.AI is an excellent platform to unleash your wildest fantasies with erotic, intimate, and uncensored content. This tool allows users to dive into the world of AI-powered nude generators, where users can create their desired naked AI images within a few seconds.

This Naked photo generator utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms that have been trained with large content to make a picture naked.

To use this tool, users need to simply input a short description or text prompt explaining their requirements. The AI will analyze and process the input, interpret your request, and create a stunning image that perfectly fits your description. This tool incorporates both design and technology to bring your imagination to life. 

Key Features: 

  • Capable of creating both realistic and anime-style images. 
  • Uses advanced machine learning algorithms for Naked picture generation. 
  • It contains good customization options such as styles, filters, and poses. 
  • Easy to use and can be accessed by anyone including beginners. 
  • Ensures your content is private and secured.  


  • High-quality image generations
  • Fast speed 
  • Numerous pose and style options are available  
  • Simple and easy-to-understand interface 


  • At times might generate inaccurate results
  • Not suitable for all audience 


Basic Plan Premium Plan 
$9.99/month $67.99/year

5. Undress AI

Undress AI is a Naked AI Generating tool that allows users to turn pictures naked within a few seconds. This tool utilizes advanced AI technology and deep learning algorithms to transform your images into Naked images and generate fake nudes.

Undress AI contains a simple and user-friendly interface that can be easily accessed by anyone including beginners.

To use this tool, users need to start by uploading their images online and clicking on the generate option. That’s it, now Undress AI will analyze your image and transform it into a naked image within a few seconds by creating fake nudes. 

Key Features: 

  • Utilizes advanced AI technology and deep learning algorithms to generate fake nudes. 
  • It contains a simple interface, users need to simply upload an image with clothes and within seconds Undress AI will transform the image into a Nude image. 
  • Users can select the Body Type, Age, and quality of the image. 


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Capable of generating nudes from ordinary images  
  • Supports both iOS and Android devices 


  • The free trial only provides 10 naked image generations 
  • No style option is available
  • The quality of the image might vary


Basic Plan Standard Plan Pro Plan 
$5.49/month $15.99/month $37.99/month 
Medium quality High quality Excellent quality 

6. Seduced AI

Seduced AI is another excellent Naked AI Generator that allows users to generate AI Nude images in both Realistic and Anime styles. This tool provides advanced customization options through which users can select their desired characters, hair color, body type, nationality, style, effects, environment, and much more.

It also contains a “Recreate Image” feature through which users can transform their existing images into naked images and perform various changes to generate a brand-new image.

Users can truly unleash their imagination on this platform and create stunning AI that makes people Naked using various models on Seduced AI. The best part about this tool is that it allows users to include more than 1 character in a single image and allows users to explore different scenarios by choosing different tags. 

Key Features: 

  • It contains more than 10 different models to generate AI images. 
  • Users can generate both Realistic and Anime images.
  • Allow users to generate images with more than 1 character. 
  • Good customization options such as Nationality, Body Type, Hair cut, Environment, Clothing, and more. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Contains affordable plans 
  • Allow users to access multiple character images 
  • Excellent customization option 


  • No free trial available 


Pro Plan Platinum Plan Diamond Plan 
$0.83/day ($25/month) $1.67/day ($50/month)$5.00/day ($150/month)
Generate 300 imagesGenerate 750 images Generate 3000 images 

7. PornJoy.AI

PornJoy AI is an AI Porn generating tool through which users can create stunning AI porn images by selecting numerous tags. This tool contains a wide range of AI models in different styles such as Realistic, Hentai, 3D Animation, General, and more.

To use this tool, users need to simply select their desired tags online on this platform such as the AI model, character, pose/view, Body Type, Age, and much more.

Once you have added all your desired tags, Pornjoy.AI will process your requirements, and based on it, the tool will generate a nude image for you. It also contains a Gallery option through which users can gain inspiration and ideas for new Naked content. 

Key Features:

  • Allow users to generate their desired AI Naked image by selecting various tags such as Body type, Location, Character, Aspect Ratio, and much more. 
  • Allow users to enter a negative prompt to avoid unwanted elements on the final image. 
  • It contains a gallery option through which users can gain inspiration for future image generations. 


  • Good customization options
  • User-Friendly interface 
  • Allow users to join through Discord


  • Not always accurate 
  • Inappropriate for users under 18


Pro Plan Unlimited Plan 
$4.99/month $7.99/month
500 Images a Month Unlimited Images 
All Preset Options All Preset Options 

8. Icegirls AI

IceGirls.AI is a free AI Porn Generator that allows users to generate high-resolution Naked pictures. This tool contains excellent customization options through which users can select their desired Style, Action, Character, Clothing, Body, Face, and much more.

This tool doesn’t require any text prompt, users need to simply select their desired tags and within a few seconds your desired Naked image will be generated. It contains a simple and easy-to-use interface which makes it easy for anyone and everyone to access the platform. 

Key Features: 

  • It contains numerous style options such as Anime, Realistic, Disney, Hentai, etc. 
  • Icegirls AI also includes some popular characters such as Elsa, Sakura, Ice Princess, Hinata, Spider Gwen, and many more. 
  • Users can explore the Hub and gain new inspirations and ideas for future image generations. 
  • Users can generate high-resolution Naked content without any restrictions. 
  • Premium users can upscale their images and create stunning Naked content without any watermarks. 


  • Various style options are available 
  • Simple interface 
  • Users can join the community through Discord 


  • Slow generation time in the free plan
  • No mobile application is available 
  • Only 1 model available in the free plan 

Pricing: Icegirls AI offers a free plan through which users can generate watermarked images and have access to 1 model and 1 action. To access ALL actions, styles characters, settings and no watermark images users need to subscribe to the premium plan available at $15/month

9. Pornx.ai

Pornx.AI is another advanced AI Porn generating tool that allows users to create their desired images using simple and easy-to-use filters at no cost. Pornx.AI contains an Undress feature through which users can upload their images in jpg, png, and hevc, and draw a zone they want to change.

You can further select any presets or leave it empty and that’s your uploaded image will be transformed into an AI Nude within a few seconds.

Users can also generate AI images on this platform by selecting numerous tags such as Model, Face, Body, Number of People, Age, Action, Pose, and much more. All the images uploaded on Pornx.AI are generated through AI. This tool has a mission to enhance the quality of adult content using AI techniques to ensure users can experience safe and secure adult content.

Key Features: 

  • Pornx.AI can generate high-quality Porn images within a few seconds. 
  • This tool offers extensive customization options through which users can generate their desired Naked image.
  • It contains an interactive user interface. 
  • This tool allows users to refine their results 


  • Good customization option
  • Simple interface 
  • Offers a wide range of content types 


  • No mobile application is available 
  • Not suitable for all audience

Pricing: Pornx.AI offers a free plan through which users can generate unique AI Porn images with certain limitations. To access premium features users need to purchase a premium plan starting from $9.99/month. 

How Does a Naked AI Generator Work?

A Naked AI Generator utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology, especially deep learning algorithms to transform your images into Naked or undressed images by creating fake nudes. Users need to simply upload their images online, and select their desired tags.

Within a few seconds, the Naked AI Generator will process your uploaded image, generate fake nudes, and transform your image into a Naked image. 

How to Use Naked AI Generators Ethically & Safely?

It’s really important to follow all the guidelines of a Naked AI Generator and use it safely to avoid getting your account banned or terminated. Here are a few things you can do to use these Naked AI Generators Ethically and Safely: 

  • Never use any individual’s image to generate a Naked Image without their permission or consent. 
  • Properly read all the security and privacy guidelines provided by a Naked AI generator tool. 
  • Always stay updated about the laws surrounding nude image generators to avoid getting in any legal trouble. 
  • Handle your AI-generated Nude image with care and ensure the image is properly saved with security measures. 

Is Creating Uncensored AI Naked Images Legal?

It is legal to create uncensored AI Naked images as long as you are following the essential guidelines. Like, a few countries and locations have banned the generation of any inappropriate or nude images and contain specific laws addressing deep fakes.

Therefore, you need to ensure your country’s laws before accessing the AI Naked image generator. Apart from this, you should avoid using any individual’s image for nude generation and distribution of images if you don’t have their consent or permission.

Features of a Naked AI Generator

Naked AI Generators are AI-powered tools that allow users to generate nude images. Some of the features of a Naked AI Generator are as follows:

  • These tools allow users to generate their desired naked image by selecting its Age and Gender.
  • Naked AI Generators utilizes advanced AI algorithms to create high-quality nude images in both realistic and anime styles.
  • Users can select their desired body type from the available tags to generate their Nude AI image.
  • These Naked AI tools offer various customization options through which users can adjust the lighting, shadows, filters, and much more.


Is it Legal to Use a Naked AI Generator?

The Legality of using a Naked AI Generator varies depending on your country or location. Various countries have banned access to nude AI generators, therefore, it’s important to check the legality status of Naked AI Generators in your country before accessing it. 

Are AI Naked Photos Makers Accurate?

The generated AI Naked Image is not always accurate as it highly depends on the software you are accessing and the customization you apply. Even though it might not always be 100% accurate it can make people believe it is. 

Can Naked AI Generators be used for Commercial Purposes?

Yes, few Naked AI Generators do allow users to utilize the generated image for commercial purposes. However, it is recommended to always check the privacy and security guidelines before using the image for commercial purposes. 

Are Naked AI Generators Ethical?

Using Naked AI Generators can raise ethical concerns such as the objectification of males and females in general. Therefore, it’s important to consider these ethical implications before actually utilizing a Naked AI Generator. 

Is Naked AI Free?

Yes, there are a variety of Naked AI Generators that offer free plans to generate nude images such as Icegirls AI, Candy AI, Undress AI, and much more. 

Are there any Online Tools to Make Pictures Naked using AI?

Yes, there are numerous online tools that can make images naked using artificial intelligence such as Soulgen AI, Promptchan AI, Undress AI, Pornx.AI, etc.


Naked AI Generators are tools through which users can transform their image and generate fake nudes. Thanks to AI technology and deep learning algorithms users can effortlessly transform their images into Nude images within a few seconds.

Above we have mentioned 9 free Naked AI Generators that can turn your photos into nudes. We hope this article has helped you select your desired AI naked tool.