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AI Hub

Transform content interaction and automate workflows.

$12/ month

About the AI Hub Tool

AI Hub by Instabase is a cutting-edge platform designed to redefine how users interact with their content, ranging from documents to spreadsheets. 

Beyond mere content interaction, the platform offers a suite of applications that cater to various needs, such as automating repetitive workflows and extracting essential data from diverse document types. 

One of its standout features is “Converse,” which allows users to initiate interactive conversations with their content, making data extraction and understanding more intuitive. 

Furthermore, AI Hub emphasizes data privacy and security, ensuring that users have full transparency and control over their data. 

With a range of applications like document summarization, US check information extraction and commercial invoice data retrieval. 

AI Hub Tool Features

Interactive content conversations with “Converse”. AI Hub stands as a comprehensive solution for businesses and individuals alike. Some of the AI Hub features include:

  • Application builder for automating repetitive workflows
  • Document summarization tool
  • US check information extraction
  • Commercial invoice data extraction
  • Meal receipt key information extraction
  • Strong commitment to data privacy and security

AI Hub Tool Use Case – Real-World Applications

This Ai tool simplifies your tasks efficiently and you can access the HighQ AI engine. Some of the AI Hub Tool use cases include:

  • Businesses extracting key data from commercial invoices.
  • Financial institutions process US checks efficiently.
  • Researchers summarizing lengthy documents.
  • Restaurants and food businesses analyzing meal receipts.
  • Developers build applications to streamline their workflows.

Pricing Details

Not Available on the website.


What is the “Converse” feature in AI Hub? 

“Converse” allows users to start interactive conversations with their content, making it easier to understand and extract data from documents to spreadsheets.

How does AI Hub ensure data privacy? 

AI Hub is committed to full transparency and provides users with controls regarding data privacy and security.

Can I build my own applications using AI Hub? 

Yes, AI Hub offers a “Build” feature that allows users to create applications tailored to automate their specific repeatable workflows.

What types of documents can AI Hub process? 

AI Hub can process a wide range of documents, including commercial invoices, US checks, meal receipts, and more.

Is there a trial version available for AI Hub? 

While the website mentions “Get started for free,” specific details about a trial version are not provided. It’s best to visit the site and explore the available options.

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