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Baseplate AI

Build AI apps with your data.


About the Baseplate AI Tool

Baseplate is a revolutionary platform designed to bridge the gap between your data and LLM (Language Learning Model) apps. Baseplate ensures seamless data embedding, secure storage, and efficient version control, guaranteeing your information remains synchronized and updated.

With Baseplate, users can effortlessly connect their data either through the UI or API. The platform boasts a unique Hybrid Search feature, which utilizes custom embeddings tailored for any data type, size, or domain, guaranteeing accurate search results. 

Deployment is equally straightforward, allowing users to launch their app with just a few clicks. 
Baseplate also additionally offers functionalities like collecting logs, gathering human feedback, and more through its Endpoints. 

This AI platform’s unified hybrid database and multimodal LLM responses further enhance its capabilities, making it an indispensable tool for AI-driven app development.

Baseplate Tool Features

Building AI apps becomes a breeze with Baseplate. Some of the features of Baseplate are:

  • Unified Hybrid Database: Embed and stored data alongside images, links, and text.
  • Vector DB Management: Edit vectors via UI or programmatically, with version control to prevent stale data or duplicates.
  • Multimodal LLM Responses: Respond to users with relevant thumbnails, links, sources, and more.
  • Hybrid Search: Custom embeddings ensure accurate search results across diverse data types.
  • Easy Deployment: Launch AI apps effortlessly and gather valuable insights through Baseplate Endpoints.

Baseplate Use Case – Real-World Applications

Users can prompt any LLM with data from their database and link search results to a prompt using the App Builder.  Some of the use cases of Baseplate include:

  • AI App Development: Build and deploy LLM apps integrated with your data.
  • Data Management: Embed, store, and version-control your data seamlessly.
  • Search Enhancement: Improve search functionalities in apps using Hybrid Search.
  • Feedback Collection: Gather user feedback and logs for continuous app improvement.
  • Content Retrieval: Efficiently retrieves documents, images, and other content with high-performance workflows.

Baseplate Pricing

The website offers a “Try it for Free” option, but specific pricing details are not provided on the page.


What is Baseplate’s core functionality?

Baseplate is designed to connect your data to LLM apps, facilitating easy embedding, storage, and AI app deployment.

How does Baseplate ensure data accuracy in search results?

Baseplate uses Hybrid Search with custom embeddings tailored for specific data, ensuring accurate search results.

Can I edit my data on Baseplate?

Yes, you can edit vectors through the UI or programmatically. Baseplate also versions your data to prevent issues with stale data or duplicates.

How does Baseplate handle multimodal LLM responses?

Baseplate’s APIs allow users to respond with relevant thumbnails, links, sources, and more, ensuring reliable and contextually appropriate responses.

Is there a free trial available for Baseplate?

Yes, Baseplate offers a “Try it for Free” option for users to explore its features.

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