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Build AI

Unleashing the Power of AI in Minutes


About the Build AI Tool

Build AI is an AI-powered web application builder designed to help businesses integrate AI into their operations effortlessly.

Build AI empowers your team, boosting efficiency and enhancing productivity within their workflows and along the critical path. With a focus on user-friendliness, the tool enables you to create AI-powered web apps that can enhance customer experience, lead generation, and internal productivity. 

Create AI interfaces easily using Build AI. Simply describe an AI web app that generates text from user input, and let us construct it for you—from generating the app to hosting it for you.

Build AI Features

Build AI is an AI web app builder, catering to both businesses and AI enthusiasts with a wide range of features. Some of the remarkable features include:

  • Customer Experience AI: Enhance customer interactions with AI power-ups.
  • Lead Generation AI: Create captivating experiences for potential customers.
  • Internal Tools AI: Boost team productivity with specialized AI tools.
  • Natural Language Customization: Use natural language to instruct your app.
  • Embedding Options: Embed the AI app directly into your website.
  • White-label AI Apps: Remove the BuildAI watermark for a more professional look.
  • Custom Domain: Personalize your AI app’s URL.
  • No Code Export Required: BuildAI hosts the app for you.

Build AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Build AI is an ideal tool for businesses looking to leverage AI for various purposes. Here are some real-world applications:

  • Customer Support: Use AI to handle customer queries efficiently.
  • Sales Funnel Optimization: Enhance lead generation and conversion rates.
  • Team Collaboration: Create internal tools for better project management.
  • Content Generation: Use AI for automated content creation.
  • Data Analysis: Implement AI for real-time analytics and insights.
  • E-commerce: Personalize user experience based on browsing behavior.

Build AI Pricing

Build AI offers multiple pricing plans to suit different needs:

  • Explorer ($8/month): Ideal for AI enthusiasts, offering 3 AI apps, 5 app generations, and 150 monthly app runs.
  • Builder ($35/month): Targeted at builders, it provides 8 AI apps, 15 app generations, and 800 monthly app runs.
  • Monetizer ($99/month): Designed for businesses, this plan includes 20 AI apps, 30 app generations, and 4000 monthly app runs.


How do I start building my own AI app in BuildAI?

To start building an AI app in BuildAI, sign up on their platform, select your desired AI model or functionality, and follow their step-by-step guide or tutorials.

What types of apps can I build in BuildAI?

In BuildAI, you can construct a variety of AI-driven applications, ranging from chatbots and recommendation systems to data analyzers and image processors. 

Is there a BuildAI free trial?

Yes, BuildAI typically offers a free trial. You get 2 app generations and 20 app runs for free.   Check BuildAI’s official website or contact their support team.

What is a BuildAI “App Run”?

An “App Run” refers to a single execution of an AI app. Each time a user, including the creator, clicks “Run” on your AI app, it counts as one run.

Can I get the AI app’s code from BuildAI?

No, you cannot get the AI app’s code from BuildAI. The BuildAI hosts the app for you.

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