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Maximize profits and boost efficiencies with AI-driven conversations.


About the Certainly Tool

Certainly is a premier AI chatbot platform tailor-made for the e-commerce industry, harnessing the power of machine learning and conversational AI. 

Driven by advanced GPT-based language models, Certainly offers real-time product recommendations, enhancing customer experience and boosting sales. 

Beyond just answering questions, it dives deep into the nuances of SEO, offering insights and strategies to e-commerce brands for better visibility in the digital space.

Moreover, Certainly’s unique chat logs provide valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors, enabling brands to refine their marketing strategies. For those looking to scale and optimize their e-commerce operations, Certainly stands out as the best AI writing and chatbot solution.

Certainly Features

Certainly is an e-commerce-focused chatbot platform that offers many features to enhance the online shopping experience. Some of its standout features include:

  • Deep Industry Knowledge: A focus on e-commerce ensures an understanding of online merchants’ specific needs.
  • E-commerce Focused AI: Premade templates and intents cater to the most common customer queries.
  • Bespoke Data: Insights from millions of global conversations to refine customer interactions.
  • Boost in Average Order Value: Intelligent product recommendations, reduced returns, and upselling capabilities.
  • Support Ticket Deflection: Efficiently handle up to 50% of support tickets.
  • Valuable Customer Data Collection: Gain insights to improve user experience.
  • Omnichannel Setup: Engage customers through SMS, social media, and email.
  • One-click Multilingual Support: Cater to a global audience effortlessly.
  • Rapid Deployment: Templated flows and pre-built intents ensure a quick go-live.
  • Customization: Tailor the chatbot’s tone of voice and appearance to reflect your brand.

Certainly Use Case – Real-World Applications

Certainly is the go-to tool for e-commerce brands aiming to enhance their online customer experience. Its applications include:

  • Product Recommendations: AI-enhanced suggestions tailored to individual user preferences and inclinations.
  • Support Query Handling: Efficiently address common customer concerns and queries.
  • Upselling and Cross-selling: Boost sales by recommending complementary products.
  • Customer Data Collection: Gather insights to refine marketing strategies.
  • Multilingual Support: Engage global customers in their preferred language.
  • Rapid Issue Resolution: Reduce return rates by addressing concerns promptly.
  • Brand Voice Development: Create a consistent and engaging brand voice across all customer interactions.

Certainly Pricing

Certainly offers flexible, value-based plans tailored to cater to the diverse needs of ecommerce brands. The platform provides three primary pricing tiers:

  • DEFLECT & SERVE (Starter): Aimed at addressing common customer queries.
  • ADVISE & GUIDE (Pro): Offers personalized responses, actions, and product recommendations.
  • ENGAGE & INSPIRE (Premium): Customizes the buying journey based on visitor actions and intent.

Each plan comes with standard support, including onboarding assistance, access to the Help Center, video tutorials, and more. The Pro and Premium plans also offer dedicated support for chatbot performance optimization and feature utilization.


What makes Certainly unique for e-commerce brands?

Certainly is designed with a deep focus on e-commerce, offering features and templates that cater specifically to online merchants.

How does Certainly help in boosting sales?

By offering intelligent product recommendations, upselling, and cross-selling, Certainly can enhance the average order value.

Is multilingual support available on Certainly?

Yes, Certainly offers one-click multilingual support, allowing brands to cater to a global audience.

How quickly can brands deploy Certainly on their platform?

With templated flows and pre-built intents, brands can go live with Certainly in just a few days.

Does Certainly offer any integrations?

Certainly provides seamless one-click integrations, including a plug-and-play Shopify integration, making it a perfect choice for e-commerce brands.

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