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Charisma AI

AI-driven interactive story creator.

$5 per 50,000 credits

About the Charisma AI Tool

Charisma AI uses artificial intelligence to write interactive scripts using virtual characters. It offers a user-friendly story editor that allows users to choose from various styles and voices to write stories. It uses machine language learning and natural language processing to understand human instructions. It then combines emotions, memorable scenes, etc., with the responses to create stories.

Charisma AI beats conventional scripting methods by generating stories based on real-time analytics. The tool can convert your ideas into interactive stories and edit them without switching to other platforms. It also offers a gaming interface that allows users to play games online and chat with friends.

Official Website 
Company NameCharisma Entertainment
Launch Date2017
CategoryStory generation tools

Charisma AI Features

Charisma AI offers several story generation and editing features for users to have a seamless experience. Some of its striking features include the following:

  • It creates characters that have feelings and react to the user’s commands.
  • It adds voices to the characters to give them a life-like appearance.
  • You can write stories and command Charisma in English. There is no need to learn any syntax.
  • Charisma AI can be integrated into popular frameworks and development tools.
  • It gives valuable insights for the story editor to analyze which conversations are more popular.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface for users to create stories with features like emotions, memory, scenes, etc.

Charisma AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Charisma AI is an ideal tool for writing stories and playing games. Some of its applications are as follows:

  • Content creators can use the tool to write interactive stories.
  • Tutors can use the tool to develop training programs.
  • Game developers can use the tool to create engaging games.
  • Virtual Reality developers can use the tool to create intelligent virtual characters.

Charisma AI Pricing

Charisma AI is a free tool. You can register for a free account on its official website and use it for free to generate stories and develop games. However, if you want a developer’s license, you need to get one of its credit bundles. The credit bundles offered by Charisma AI are as follows:

  • US$5 – 50,000 credits
  • US$20 – 200,000 credits
  • US$100 – 1,000,000 credits
  • US$500 – 5,000,000 credits

You get a two months free trial with 20,000 free credits and unlimited stories.


Can I get a Charisma AI developer license for free?

Charisma AI offers the developer license for a two month free trial with 20,000 credits. After exhausting the credits or completing two months, you need to purchase the credit bundles based on your requirements.

On which platforms can I integrate Charisma AI?

Charisma AI offers a plug-and-play system. The tool can be easily integrated into other platforms and frameworks. It supports integrations into Unreal Engine, Unity, JavaScript, React, React Native (for iOS and Android), Python, and Decentraland.

How can I create a Charisma AI account?

Charisma AI allows users to create their accounts using their email addresses. You can also login directly using your Facebook or Google credentials.

How can I check my Charisma AI account usage?

You can check your account usage by visiting the Charisma AI account page. Click on the license section to view the remaining credits.

How do I contact the Charisma AI support team?

Charisma AI offers instant support to its users. You can reach out to its support team via email to troubleshoot your issues.

Charisma AI is a powerful story generator. It can generate scripts using AI and convert them into interactive characters. It is a helpful tool for content creators and game developers.

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