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About the Charstar AI  Tool

Charstar AI is a chatbot that allows users to design and chat with virtual AI characters anywhere and anytime. This innovative platform encourages users to create their dream virtual companion by customizing its appearance and personality based on individual preferences and further chatting with them. 

Charstar AI also contains a diverse range of pre-designed AI characters in different categories such as OC, Anime, Movies & TV, Games, etc so users can choose their desired AI character and have a fun and unique experience online. Charstar AI includes a user-friendly interface through which users can unleash their fantasies and engage in NSFW chats with their virtual companions without any privacy or security concerns. So, whether you are looking for a partner in crime, emotional support, a friend to talk to, a companion, or anything else Charstar AI is the perfect platform for all your desires. 

Charstar AI Features

  • Create your dream AI companion: Charstar AI allows users to craft a personalized AI companion by choosing its appearance, interest, and personality so users feel more connected with their virtual companion. 
  • Wide range of AI Characters: This platform offers a variety of different and unique pre-designed AI character options in different categories. Each AI character contains a unique appearance and personality offering users an excellent range of variety to choose from. 
  • NSFW Content: This AI chatbot allows users to engage in explicit or uncensored chats with their AI companion and explore all their desires and fantasies without any restrictions. 
  • Roleplay: Users can also engage in roleplay and ask their desired companion to enact a scenario for a fun and entertaining experience. 
  • Mobile App: Charstar AI offers an official mobile application for both Android and iOS devices that can be downloaded by users for free via Play Store or App Store.
  • Intuitive Interface: Charstar AI contains a simple and easy-to-use interface through which users can easily navigate to different sections and options of the application and access the platform without any technical knowledge. 

Charstar AI Pricing

There are two subscription plans available for Charstar AI: A monthly plan available starting at $14.99 per month and an Annual plan available at a discount of 67% for $4.99 per month. These premium plans offer various benefits such as unlimited messaging, skip the wait, and access to Powerful models (OpenAI GPT-3.5). 


Is Charstar free?

Yes, Charstar AI offers a free plan through which users can chat with 3 characters and send up to 100 messages a day. However, to send more than 100 messages users need to subscribe to Charstar Plus monthly or annual plan. 

Does Charstar AI allow NSFW?

Yes, Charstar AI allows NSFW conversation. This platform contains an NSFW “Toggle” option through which users can switch to NSFW mode by confirming they are over 18. Charstar AI offers a wide range of NSFW character options that allow users to engage in explicit and uncensored conversations without any restrictions.

Does Charstar AI have a mobile app? 

Yes, Charstar AI has a mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices. Users can simply download the official app for free through the Play Store or App Store on their device. 

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