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Chatsimple AI

Launch custom AI chatbots swiftly.


About the Chatsimple AI Tool

Chatsimple is an AI tool that helps businesses create and deploy custom chatbots for their website. With its no-code integration, businesses can set up their chatbot in just 5 minutes, offering 24/7 engagement to visitors in over 175 languages. The chatbot is trained using the website’s data, ensuring personalized and high-quality responses. 

You can use this tool to boost lead generation, convert visitors to customers, and uncover valuable insights. Chatsimple is ideal for small and medium businesses, e-commerce, education, health, and other industries that want to improve their online presence and customer service.

Chatsimple Features

Chatsimple is an AI Chatbot Service designed to transform the way businesses interact with their website visitors. Some of its standout features include:

  • Quickly set up a chatbot for your website in 5 minutes by simply entering your website URL.
  • Train your chatbot to provide personalized and relevant responses to your visitors by using your own website and data.
  • Engage your visitors around the clock, answer their queries, provide recommendations, and guide them through the purchase process.
  • Communicate with your visitors in their preferred language, thanks to Chatsimple’s multilingual support feature which offers 175 languages.
  • Collect feedback, reviews, and ratings from your visitors, and analyze them using Chatsimple’s dashboard.
  • Integrate with various platforms and tools such as CRM, email, social media, webhooks, Zapier, and more.

Chatsimple Use Case – Real-World Applications

Chatsimple is ideal for anyone who wants to create a chatbot for their website easily and quickly. It can be used for the following purposes:

  • Answering customer queries instantly.
  • Guiding visitors through webpages or processes.
  • Gathering real-time feedback.
  • Multilingual customer support.
  • Gaining insights into customer behavior.

Chatsimple Pricing

Chatsimple offers a free trial along with different pricing plans for different business needs and budgets:

  • Trial: Free with 25 messages, 1 chatbot, 100 captured contacts, basic models and support, and unlimited website deployment.
  • Starter: $19/mo offering 1,000 monthly messages, 2 chatbots, 1000 contact captures, standard models, unlimited website deployment, and standard support.
  • Pro: $59/mo with 5,000 monthly messages, 10 chatbots, unlimited contact captures, standard and advanced models (GPT-4), unlimited website deployment, and premium support.
  • Elite: $499/mo for 50,000 monthly messages, 50 chatbots, unlimited contact captures, standard and advanced models (GPT-4), unlimited website deployment, and priority support.


How do I create a chatbot with Chatsimple? 

Enter your website URL, customize your chatbot according to your preferences, and deploy your chatbot on your website with a simple code snippet or plugin.

Can I train the chatbot with my own data?

Yes, Chatsimple allows you to train the chatbot using your website’s data for more personalized and relevant responses.

How do I train my chatbot with Chatsimple? 

You can train your chatbot with Chatsimple by using the chatbot logic editor. You can define different scenarios and intents for your chatbot, and provide sample inputs and outputs for each one.

What platforms does Chatsimple support?

Chatsimple can be integrated across multiple platforms such as CRM, email, social media, webhooks, Zapier, and more. You can also use the chatbot API to integrate your chatbot with any third-party application.

Is Chatsimple safe?

Yes, Chatsimple prioritizes the security and privacy of its users. The platform employs advanced security measures to ensure that the data and interactions are protected. 

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