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About the CheggMate Tool

Chegg is a comprehensive platform designed to assist students in various aspects of their academic journey. The platform aims to provide affordable and accessible educational resources to students globally. 

With a vast collection of textbooks available for rent or purchase, students can save significantly compared to buying new books. 

Additionally, Chegg Study offers step-by-step solutions to textbook problems and expert Q&A sessions to clarify doubts. 

Furthermore, Chegg’s writing tools, such as the plagiarism checker and citation generator, aid students in producing high-quality assignments.

CheggMate Tool Features

Chegg has expanded its offerings to include online tutoring, homework help, eTextbooks, and more. Some of the CheggMate features include:

Textbook Rentals and Sales:

  • Rent or buy textbooks at a fraction of the retail price.
  • Return rentals for free once the semester ends.

Online Tutoring:

  • Connect with expert tutors in various subjects 24/7.
  • Personalized, one-on-one sessions to address specific academic challenges.

Step-by-step Textbook Solutions:

  • Access detailed solutions to problems from thousands of textbooks.
  • Understand complex problems with step-by-step explanations.

Expert Q&A Sessions:

  • Post academic questions and receive answers from experts.
  • Browse a vast archive of previously answered questions.

Writing Tools:

  • Plagiarism Checker: Ensure originality by checking assignments for plagiarism.
  • Citation Generator: Automatically generate citations in multiple formats.
  • Grammar Check: Review and correct grammar errors in assignments.
  • Proofreading: Enhance the quality of writing with professional proofreading.


  • Digital versions of textbooks are available for reading on various devices.
  • Highlight, annotate, and search within the text.

Test Prep Resources:

  • Access study materials and practice tests for major exams.
  • Get insights on exam patterns and effective preparation strategies.

CheggMate Use Case – Real-World Applications

CheggMate tool online tutoring service connects students with qualified tutors in various subjects, ensuring personalized learning.  Some of the CheggMate use cases include:

  • Cost-effective Learning: A student entering a new semester rents textbooks from Chegg instead of buying them, saving a significant amount of money.
  • Last-minute Exam Prep: A student struggling with a particular math problem before an exam uses Chegg’s step-by-step solutions to understand the concept.
  • Assignment Assistance: Before submitting a major essay, a student uses Chegg’s writing tools to check for plagiarism, generate citations, and ensure there are no grammar errors.
  • Enhancing Subject Understanding: A student finding it hard to grasp a particular topic in physics schedules an online tutoring session on Chegg and gets personalized guidance from an expert.
  • Digital Learning: A student traveling during the semester uses eTextbooks on Chegg to keep up with the coursework without carrying physical books.
  • Exam Preparation: A student preparing for a competitive exam uses Chegg’s test prep resources to practice and get a feel for the actual test.
  • Quick Doubt Resolution: While working on a project, a student comes across a doubt and posts it in Chegg’s Q&A section, receiving a detailed explanation from an expert.

Pricing details

CheggMate has various pricing models based on the services, such as monthly subscriptions for Chegg Study or per-hour rates for tutoring. 
Prices start from Rs. 299/month, you can cancel the subscriptions anytime.


What is Chegg’s primary service? 

Chegg started as a textbook rental service but now offers a range of academic services, including online tutoring and homework help.

Is Chegg Study a free service? 

No, Chegg Study is a subscription-based service.

How does Chegg’s online tutoring work? 

Students can connect with tutors in various subjects and get real-time help.

Are the writing tools on Chegg free? 

Some tools might have limited free access, but comprehensive features might be behind a paywall.

Can I access eTextbooks offline? 

Yes, typically, eTextbooks on platforms like Chegg can be accessed offline once they are downloaded.

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