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PDF to interactive Q&A transformation tool.

$0.015 per credit

About the ClarifyPDF Tool

ClarifyPDF is a unique AI platform designed to revolutionize the way users interact with PDF content. 
This AI tool, ClarifyPDF enables users to directly ask their queries and receive accurate answers directly from their PDF documents.

By uploading a PDF, users can ask specific questions and receive concise answers based on the content of the document. This approach not only simplifies information retrieval but also enhances comprehension. The platform supports large files, allowing uploads of PDFs up to 30MB in size. 

Once a document is uploaded and processed, users receive a unique link, making it easy to share the document and the Q&A session with colleagues or family. 

ClarifyPDF focuses on simplicity and user convenience and offers a straightforward pricing model without the need for sign-ups or recurring fees. Whether it’s research papers, government reports, or instruction manuals, ClarifyPDF ensures that users can quickly and easily access the information they need.

ClarifyPDF Tool Features:

ClarifyPDF assists you with all types of tasks and helps you to execute them efficiently. Some of the features of ClarifyPDF are:

  • Interactive Q&A: Engage with your PDF content through a chat-like interface.
  • Large File Support: Upload PDFs up to 30MB in size.
  • Shareable Link: Easily share your document and its Q&A with others.
  • No Sign-Up Required: Pay per document without any recurring fees.
  • Year-Long Access: Ask up to 100 questions with a year’s access to the uploaded document.
  • Multilingual Support: Extract and summarize information in any language.

ClarifyPDF Use Case – Real-World Applications

ClarifyPDF enables users to engage in a chat-like interaction with their documents, instead of tediously scrolling through pages, 

  • Research Analysis: Quickly extract key findings from research papers and academic publications.
  • Report Comprehension: Understand complex reports from governmental or environmental organizations.
  • Quick Reference: Easily find specific information from instruction manuals or guides.
  • Collaborative Review: Share the document and its Q&A with colleagues for collaborative analysis.
  • Multilingual Documents: Engage with content in various languages, ensuring comprehensive understanding.

ClarifyPDF Pricing

  • Personal Plan: $1.99 per PDF, which includes all features, 100 questions, and a year’s access.
  • Teams and Power Users: Custom plans available for bulk uploads and organizational needs.


How secure is ClarifyPDF?

It’s secure enough for non-sensitive content, but private or sensitive material should not be uploaded. Privacy Policy.

How does ClarifyPDF differ from ChatGPT?

While ChatGPT provides answers from public internet information (pre-2021), ClarifyPDF answers questions based on the uploaded PDF’s content.

Can I upload multiple documents?

Bulk upload and integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Notion will be available soon. Get updates.

What languages are supported by ClarifyPDF?

ClarifyPDF supports all languages and is best with paragraph content.

Is a refund available?

Yes, ClarifyPDF offers a no-questions 100% refund policy.

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