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AI-powered code completion and search.


About the Codeium Tool

Codeium is a revolutionary tool designed to empower developers with AI-driven code completion and search capabilities. 

Codeium stands as today’s ultimate coding powerhouse, offering a complimentary code enhancement toolkit rooted in advanced AI capabilities. 

At present, Codeium delivers rapid and top-notch code completion support in more than 20 languages, ensuring unparalleled suggestion accuracy and efficiency.

This tool is not just another API wrapper; it boasts in-house models and infrastructure, ensuring seamless integration with various IDEs. 

Codeium AI tools primary aim is to accelerate the coding process, making it more efficient and less error-prone.

Codeium Features

Codeium, an AI-powered coding tool, brings a variety of features to the table, catering to developers aiming for efficiency and precision. Some of its standout features include:

  • AI-Powered Autocomplete: Speed up your coding with generative code suggestions.
  • Intelligent Search: No more wrestling with complex regexes; find files and code snippets with ease.
  • Codeium Chat: A chat feature that assists in generating boilerplate, refactoring, and even suggesting bug fixes.
  • Support for 70+ Languages: Codeium supports a vast array of programming languages, ensuring versatility.
  • Integration with 40+ Editors: From Visual Studio Code to Jupyter, Codeium integrates seamlessly.
  • Free Usage: Unlimited autocomplete and natural language search for repositories.
  • Data Security: Generative models that have never been trained on your data, ensuring data privacy.

Codeium Use Case – Real-World Applications

Codeium stands out as a tool that can transform the way developers code. Its applications are vast, including:

  • Assisting developers in rapidly generating code snippets.
  • Simplifying the search process within large codebases.
  • Offering automated suggestions to improve code quality.
  • Assisting in unit testing, data science tasks, and building math libraries.
  • Providing regex solutions without the need for manual searches.

Codeium Pricing

Codeium believes in empowering individual developers, which is why they offer a free forever plan for individual users. 

This plan includes rapid code autocomplete, an in-editor AI chat assistant, unlimited usage, and more. 

For teams or enterprises looking for enhanced features and fine-tuning, Codeium offers an enterprise plan. 

This plan encompasses everything in the individual plan and adds features like deployment in the customer’s VPC or on-premises, local fine-tuning on the codebase, and priority support. 

For detailed pricing on the enterprise plan, one would need to contact Codeium directly.


Is Codeium free for individual users?

Yes, Codeium offers a free forever plan for individual developers.

How does Codeium ensure data security?

Codeium uses end-to-end data encryption and ensures models are never trained on user data.

Which IDEs does Codeium support?

Codeium supports over 40+ editors, including Visual Studio Code, JetBrains, and Jupyter.

How does Codeium’s AI-powered search work?

Codeium’s search uses AI to understand intent, eliminating the need for complex regexes.

Can enterprises deploy Codeium on-premises?

Yes, the enterprise plan allows for deployment in the customer’s VPC or on-premises.

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