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AI-powered chat for your product documentation.


About the Context Tool

Context is a web-based platform tailored for business users, enabling them to extract insights and conduct analysis effortlessly. 

As a premier marketing AI tool, it not only resonates with the advancements of generative AI like GPT-3 but also offers businesses an innovative approach to transforming their knowledge bases into a round-the-clock, automated tech support bot.

Through smart, automated, and context-aware responses, it sidesteps the monotony of addressing frequently asked questions, allowing human support teams to channel their efforts toward more unique and challenging customer queries.

Context not only offers contextual advertising capabilities but also surfaces genuine user queries. This marketing AI tool offers businesses a seamless way to turn their existing knowledge bases into an automated tech support bot that operates around the clock.

The platform epitomizes the fusion of marketing AI and GPT-driven technologies, making it a standout in the world of AI-based solutions.

Context Features

Context is an AI-powered chat tool that boasts many intriguing features tailored to enhance customer support. Some of its standout features include:

  • GPT-4 Enabled: Utilizes the most advanced LLM to answer any technical question.
  • Multi-source Integration: Import data from various sources simultaneously for any bot.
  • Teammates Collaboration: Invite your entire team to collaborate within the Context workspace.
  • Citations: Responses come with their source attached, allowing users to delve deeper.
  • Preloaded Questions: Equip your bot with FAQs for users to access instantly.
  • Response Ranking: Users can mark responses as helpful or unhelpful.
  • Site Embed: Integrate Context directly onto your site with a simple script.
  • Integration with Discord & Slack: Install Context seamlessly into Slack or Discord channels.
  • API Connectivity: Connect the API to send queries and receive responses programmatically.
  • Modifications: Refine and store responses to boost precision and quickness.

Context Use Case – Real-World Applications

Context is the perfect tool for businesses looking to automate their customer support. Its applications include:

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Offer uninterrupted support regardless of time zones.
  • Documentation Enhancement: Refine product documentation based on real user queries.
  • Integration with Multiple Platforms: From websites to Slack, provide support everywhere.
  • Data Analysis: Gain insights into frequently asked questions and improve response accuracy.
  • Collaborative Workspace: Allow teams to work together and enhance customer support.
  • Feedback Collection: Understand what users find helpful and refine responses accordingly.
  • Seamless Data Import: Integrate data from various sources, including PDFs, websites, and videos.

Context Pricing

Context offers a range of pricing plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of its users. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Base Plan: Priced at $19 per month, it includes 250 query credits, 500 max documents, and 5 syncs.
  • Growth Plan: At $39 per month, users get 500 query credits, 1,000 max documents, and 10 syncs.
  • Pro Plan: For $99 per month, it offers 2,000 query credits, 2,500 max documents, and 25 syncs.
  • Free Plan: Free, it provides 50 query credits in total, 100 max documents, and 2 total syncs.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing and onboarding process available upon contact.


What is Context?

Context is an AI-driven chat solution engineered to convert your knowledge repository into an automated technical support assistant.

How does Context deflect inquiries?

Context employs smart, automated responses to deflect up to 50% of inquiries, reducing the need for human intervention.

Can I integrate Context with other platforms?

Yes, Context can effortlessly integrate with platforms such as Slack and Discord, as well as be embedded directly into websites.

Is there a free version of Context available?

Yes. Context offers a Free Plan with 50 query credits, 100 max documents, and 2 total syncs.

How does Context ensure response accuracy?

Context lets users prioritize responses and also provides a modification tool to refine and store answers, ensuring heightened precision.

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