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Copilot AI

Your Intelligent Sales Funnel on LinkedIn


About the Copilot AI Tool

Copilot AI is an AI-powered Developer Platform that leverages artificial intelligence to streamline your sales prospecting and lead nurturing activities on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

Github Copilot is a sophisticated, intelligent system built to collaborate with users, offering continuous guidance and personalized support across diverse tasks. They adapt to user behaviors, learning and providing contextually relevant suggestions during intricate operations.

Users don’t have to worry about manual outreach and time-consuming lead nurturing. This tool assists individuals in drafting documents, summarizing emails, designing presentations, and offering various other functionalities.

Copilot AI automates these processes, allowing you to focus on what matters most—closing deals. The tool is highly rated by salespeople and has been proven to outperform traditional methods like cold emailing by a significant margin.

Copilot AI Features

Copilot AI is a sales automation platform packed with numerous capabilities designed to elevate your experience with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Some of the features include:

  • Automated Connection Invitations: Send up to 400 connection invitations per month.
  • Nurture Messages: Automate up to 800 nurture messages per month.
  • Prospecting Campaigns: Run one or multiple campaigns to target specific audiences.
  • A/B Testing: Optimize your messages for better engagement.
  • Team Dashboard: Manage your team’s activities in one place.
  • Custom Notes and Reminders: Keep track of your interactions.
  • Metrics and Analytics: Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Copilot AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Copilot AI is perfectly customized for sales teams, marketing agencies, financial advisors, and consultants. It can be used for the following purposes:

  • Lead Generation: Automatically send connection requests to potential clients.
  • Client Nurturing: Send automated follow-up messages to keep your brand top of mind.
  • Team Collaboration: Use the team dashboard to monitor and manage team activities.
  • Campaign Optimization: Use A/B testing to find the most effective messaging.
  • High-Value Targeting: Target high-net-worth individuals for financial advisory services.
  • Consulting Outreach: Connect with business leaders and executives without spamming.

Copilot AI Pricing

Copilot AI offers flexible pricing plans to suit every individual needs and team requirements. 

  • The pricing starts at $233 per month for the “Standard” plan, which includes essential features for running your first campaign. 
  • The “Scale” plan costs $293 per month and offers advanced features for rapid growth. 
  • For teams, the “Teams” plan is available at $796 per month, providing features like a team dashboard and unlimited campaigns.


What is Copilot AI?

Copilot AI is an AI-powered social prospecting platform that integrates with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Do I need Copilot AI LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Yes, Copilot AI requires LinkedIn Sales Navigator to function. If you aim to enhance LinkedIn sales efforts and automation, Copilot AI can be beneficial.

What is Copilot AI Social Prospecting?

It is the use of social media networks like LinkedIn for growth and lead generation.

What is the Copilot AI billing method?

Payments are made via credit card, and you can choose from monthly or multi-month plans.

Can I cancel my Copilot AI plan?

Yes, The Copilot AI plan is easy to cancel anytime with a 30-day notice for month-to-month plans.

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