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Freeing Speech with Coqui


About the Coqui Tool

Coqui Studio, utilizing deep learning, provides a toolkit for generative AI-driven text-to-speech, delivering a lifelike and emotionally rich audio experience.

Coqui AI tool, harnessing the power of deep learning, has emerged as a leader in the realm of speech recognition and text-to-speech (TTS) solutions. Known for its state-of-the-art Coqui speech technology, the tool is revolutionizing the voice-over industry with its realistic AI voices.

This AI tool’s standout feature is the ability to imbue speech with emotion, allowing for dynamic and emotionally resonant voiceovers. Beyond just traditional TTS, Coqui offers a unique voice cloning feature, providing even greater versatility. 

Passionate about freeing speech and ensuring accessibility, Coqui’s advancements can be tracked on platforms like GitHub, showcasing their commitment to community engagement. 

Coqui Features

Coqui is a voice-over solution designed with a rich array of functionalities, catering to content creators, filmmakers, and enterprises. Notable among its offerings are:

  • Voice Cloning: Clone any voice with just 3 seconds of audio.
  • Generative AI Voices: Design and customize your desired voice.
  • Generative AI Voice Customization: Fine-tune the voice’s tone, pace, and emotional intensity as desired.
  • Advanced Editor: Gain full control over AI voices, tweaking pitch, loudness, and more.
  • Multiple Takes: Experiment with different voice performances and choose the best fit.
  • Timeline Editor: Direct scenes with multiple AI voices and listen to them collectively.
  • Project Management: Organize and oversee your projects efficiently.
  • Script Imports: (Coming Soon) Import scripts and start voicing them instantly.
  • Team Collaboration: (Coming Soon) Collaborate on voice direction and casting with your team.

Coqui Use Case – Real-World Applications

Coqui is the quintessential tool for a range of applications, from content creation to business presentations. Its potential use cases encompass:

  • Audiobook Narration: Create emotive and engaging audiobooks.
  • Film Dubbing: Use AI voices for realistic film dubbing in multiple languages.
  • Business Presentations: Enhance corporate presentations with professional voice-overs.
  • Video Game Characters: Design unique voices for video game characters.
  • Virtual Assistants: Customize voice responses for virtual assistant applications.
  • E-learning Modules: Make educational content more interactive with varied voices.
  • Advertisement Voice-overs: Craft compelling ads with the perfect voice tone.

Coqui Pricing

Coqui offers a diverse range of pricing plans tailored to individual needs:

  • Free Trial: At no cost, users are granted 300 credits. This encompasses 1 credit per second of V1 speech, 2 credits for XTTS, and a single credit for each paraphrase usage. Features include unlimited voice cloning, generative AI voices, emotions, unlimited projects, and script capabilities. You can also adjust voice pacing, intonation, and intensity.
  • Hobbyist Plan: Priced at $5/month, this package offers 3,600 monthly credits. All the functionalities of the Free Trial are retained, but users additionally get API access.
  • Starter Plan: At $20/month, subscribers receive 14,400 credits. This plan retains all the features of the Hobbyist, including 1 credit for V1 speech, 2 for XTTS, and 1 for paraphrasing.
  • Intermediate Plan: For $50/month, users are allocated 36,000 credits. Again, it provides all the features of the Starter plan with the respective credit costs for speech and paraphrasing.
  • Advanced Plan: For $175/month (with a 30% discount opportunity), this plan grants 180,000 credits monthly. It includes all the features of the Intermediate plan with the specific credit costs for V1 speech, XTTS, and paraphrase usage.
  • Pro Plan: Everything from the Advanced package, this plan adds multi-user capabilities, enhanced team collaboration tools, superior quality voice clones, multi-lingual synthesis, and pro-level customer support.
  • Enterprise Plan: This is a comprehensive package that incorporates everything in the Pro plan and further introduces features like Single Sign On (SSO), Role-Based Access (RBAC), premium quality voice clones, support for all languages, script versioning, audit logs, virtual private cloud hosting, and custom integrations to facilitate enterprise-scale operations.


What is Coqui’s primary function?

Coqui is a voice-over tool that uses generative AI to produce realistic and emotive text-to-speech.

How does Coqui’s voice cloning feature work?

Users can clone any voice using just 3 seconds of audio, allowing them to add it to their collection.

Are there any free trials available for Coqui?

Yes, Coqui offers a free trial with 300 credits, allowing users to explore its features without any financial commitment.

Can I design my voice with Coqui?

Yes, Coqui’s Generative AI Voices feature lets users design and customize their dream voice.

Is team collaboration possible with Coqui?

Team collaboration is a feature that will be available soon, enabling colleagues to work together on voice direction and casting.

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