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Empowering Conversations with AI


About the Dasha Tool

Dasha is a conversational AI-as-a-service platform inspired by groundbreaking technologies like Google Duplex.

Its core strength lies in its ability to offer developers a seamless experience to embed lifelike voice and text chat capabilities into their apps, including the Dasha app. 

As machine learning and generative AI continue to shape the future of tech, Dasha strives to redefine human-machine communication by infusing it with unparalleled realism. 

With features such as chatbot integrations, voice assistant support, and the power-packed Dasha SDK, the platform is aptly equipped to serve diverse needs across various sectors, including call centers and other customer-facing roles.

In essence, Dasha is not just a tool but a vision of the future where voice AI bridges the digital communication gap.

Dasha Features

Dasha is not just another AI tool; it’s a revolution in the conversational AI domain. Tailored to assist developers, Dasha boasts a plethora of intriguing features:

  • AI-as-a-Service Platform: Enables the integration of lifelike voice and text conversational dynamics into apps.
  • Unified Integration: Craft conversational applications for diverse platforms with a single integration process.
  • DashaScript: A unique declarative programming language tailored for designing intricate conversations that meet Turing test standards.
  • Platform Compatibility: Ensures seamless operation across any internet-connected platform with speaker/mic access.
  • Code Samples: Provides a variety of samples for different use cases and functionalities.
  • Chat Support: Comprehensive assistance with text chat, custom intents, and digressions.

Dasha Use Case – Real-World Applications

Dasha’s versatility makes it an ideal tool for a myriad of applications:

  • App Developers: Seamlessly integrate conversational capabilities into diverse applications.
  • Call Center Solutions: Revolutionize call centers with AI-powered voice interactions.
  • AI Chatbots: Craft interactive and lifelike chatbots for enhanced customer engagement.
  • Voice-Enabled Apps: Introduce voice-activated functionalities in a range of applications and products.

The possibilities with Dasha are boundless, and its use cases are as diverse as creativity allows. Whether enhancing call center efficiencies or developing advanced AI chatbots, Dasha is transforming the digital communication realm.

Dasha Pricing

Dasha’s pricing details remain exclusive, requiring potential users to contact their sales team for precise information. 

However, the platform does offer a fully functional free tier, allowing developers to test and evaluate its capabilities before making any financial commitment.


What is Dasha?

Dasha is a conversational AI-as-a-service platform designed to integrate realistic voice and text conversational capabilities into applications and products.

Who can benefit from using Dasha?

Developers looking to infuse their applications with lifelike voice and text conversational features will find Dasha immensely beneficial.

How does Dasha stand out from other AI tools?

Dasha offers a unique declarative programming language, DashaScript, and ensures compatibility across various platforms, making it a preferred choice for many developers.

Is there a free version of Dasha available?

Yes, Dasha offers a complimentary tier specifically designed for developers, allowing them to dive deep into its functionalities and experience its robust features firsthand without any financial obligation.

Where can I get more information about Dasha’s pricing?

To obtain a comprehensive breakdown of pricing options, reach out to Dasha’s sales department, as they can provide specific pricing structures tailored to individual needs and requirements.

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