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Descript AI

AI-powered audio-video editing accelerator.


About the Descript AI Tool

Descript AI is a revolutionary video and audio editing tool that makes editing fun and easier. It offers various video and audio editing tools on a single platform. Users can start editing audio or video files by uploading them or recording directly from the tool. The tool transcribes the media files into text and allows users to edit the media clips by tweaking the text.

Descript AI gives you access to professional editing features, allowing you to edit videos like professionals. The tool lets you record, transcribe, edit, and share video and audio files without navigating to other apps. You can also use it for your business and collaborate with team members.

Official Website 
Company NameDescript
Launch Date2017
CategoryVideo Editing tools

Descript AI Features

Descript AI offers several features that help edit videos and audio faster. Some of its striking features include the following:

  • Users can edit or transcribe video and audio in over 23 languages.
  • It offers templates for editing videos according to the requirements of different social media platforms.
  • It offers access to high-quality stock videos.
  • Users can use the tool to add subtitles and captions to their videos.
  • It lets you record, edit, and publish podcasts using the podcasting tool.
  • It allows users to record entire screens for creating video tutorials, live streaming, etc.
  • It offers URLs to publish or share your content with a single click.
  • Users can add team members and work with them on a single project.

Descript AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Descript AI is designed for anyone looking for video editing services. The tool can be used for the following purposes:

  • Content creators can use the tool to create videos for their social media handles.
  • Podcast creators can use the tool to create podcasts.
  • Tutors can use the tool to create video tutorials for their students.
  • Marketers can use the tool to create marketing videos to promote products and services.

Descript AI Pricing

Descript AI offers free and paid plans. You can select the plan that meets your requirements from the options listed below:

  • Free – $0 – one video per month, up to 1 hour of transcription generation, filler word removal, and 720p video resolution
  • Creator – $15 per user per month – unlimited video per month, up to 10 hours of transcription generation, filler word removal, and 4K video resolution
  • Pro – $30 per user per month – unlimited video per month, up to 30 hours of transcription generation, filler word removal, and 4K video resolution
  • Enterprise – Contact the sales team to get a customized plan for your business.


Does Descript AI offer discounts for students?

Yes, Descript AI has discounts and offers for students. You can contact their team using this form, to learn more about the discounts.

Does Descript AI keep my data private?

Yes, Descript AI doesn’t share your information or project with third-party users. It keeps your data confidential based on SOC Type II rules. You can read more about their policy here.

Can I cancel my Descript AI subscription?

You can cancel your Descript AI plan at any time by visiting the subscription page. However, the tool stores your information until you delete your account permanently. It also keeps your plan active until the next billing cycle.

Is Descript AI a reliable tool?

Descript AI is a highly reliable tool. It offers accurate results more than 90% of the time. You can use it to edit your audio or video clips and publish them online. However, review the videos and content before publishing or sharing them online.

Who can use Descript AI?

Descript AI is built for anyone seeking video editing services. YouTube creators, marketers, podcast creators, tutors, business owners, and freelancers can use the tool to edit video and audio clips for personal or commercial use.

Descript AI is an essential tool for editing video and audio clips. It offers several editing features to boost editing skills and speed up the content creation process.

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