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About the Dittin AI  Tool

Dittin AI is an AI chat service that is powered by its self-hosted DittinLLM, which is an uncensored large language model. With Dittin AI, users can engage in interactive AI conversations with numerous AI characters and talk about everything. This platform is specifically designed to offer uncensored conversations where users can truly unleash their desires in a safe environment without any restrictions. 

It offers a variety of pre-designed AI characters, each with a short introduction about the character’s background, personality, etc. This way, users can browse these AI characters and select the one that perfectly aligns with their preference. In addition, Dittin AI also allows users to generate a personalized AI character based on individual requirements for an enhanced chatting experience. Overall, Dittin AI is an excellent AI chat platform for anyone who is seeking an interaction and explicit chat experience.

Dittin AI offers a free plan through which users can engage in an interactive chat experience with a variety of AI characters and even design their own custom AI characters for a personalized experience.

Dittin AI Features

  • Unfiltered Conversations: Unlike other chatbots, Dittin AI doesn’t restrict users from discussing adult-theme topics. Instead, it offers a variety of AI character options to engage in uncensored conversations. 
  • Unique Storylines: With Dittin AI, immerse yourself into interactive storylines with unique characters and navigate the plot based on your preferences. 
  • Diverse Characters: This platform offers a wide range of pre-designed AI characters that can be explored by users for unrestricted AI chatbot experience. The AI characters are available in Male, Female, and Other genders. 
  • Create Custom Characters: Users can generate custom AI characters for themselves from scratch or import character JSON. Users can specify character names, and introductions, upload an avatar, and much more for a personalized experience. 
  • SFW and NSFW Mode: Dittin AI allows users to explore both SFW and NSFW conversations on the platform. 
  • User-Friendly: This platform includes a simple interface that can be easily accessed by beginners or new users. 
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