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DocsBot AI

Boost support with AI chatbots.


About the DocsBot AI Tool

DocsBot AI harnesses the power of ChatGPT and GPT-4 to transform your documentation into intelligent chatbots. 

By indexing your content, DocsBot provides instant answers to users, enhancing customer support and boosting team productivity. 

Whether it’s for customer queries, internal knowledge access, or even AI-driven copywriting, DocsBot streamlines the process by leveraging the existing knowledge of your business. 

The platform is designed to save time, reduce repetitive tasks, and elevate the user experience by offering precise answers from your documentation.

DocsBot AI Features

DocsBot Ai features makes it easy for the users to save money, and improve the results for their business with its amazing features. Some of the DocsBot AI features are included below.

  • Question/Answer Bots: Make documentation interactive, providing detailed answers, including code examples and formatted outputs.
  • Embeddable Widgets: Easily integrate DocsBot into your website with customizable widgets.
  • Custom Copywriting: Generate high-quality content using a ChatGPT familiar with your product.
  • Support Ticket Automation: Train DocsBot on your support history to auto-respond to new tickets.
  • Internal Knowledge Bots: Index your internal knowledge base for instant employee access.
  • Powerful API: Integrate AI chat into your products, apps, or plugins.
  • Diverse Content Indexing: From URLs, sitemaps, document files, blog posts, to CSV files, DocsBot can index a wide range of content.
  • Zapier Integration: Connect DocsBot to thousands of apps via Zapier.

DocsBot AI Use Cases – Real-World Applications

DocsBot AI tool helps you to get instant answers for your customers, your team members with its highly powered AI technology. Some of the DocsBot AI use cases are:

  • Customer Support: Automate first-line support, reducing the load on human agents and improving response times.
  • Internal Knowledge Access: Help employees find answers quickly without sifting through extensive documentation.
  • Content Marketing: Use AI-driven copywriting to generate blog posts, marketing materials, and more.
  • Support Ticket Management: Reduce repetitive responses by automating answers to common queries.
  • Website Integration: Enhance user experience on websites by embedding AI-powered chatbots that provide instant answers.


  • Hobby: $19/month – 1 DocsBot, 1k Source Pages, 1k questions/mo, GPT-4 support, 1 user, private bot.
  • Power: $49/month – 3 DocsBots, 5k Source Pages, 5k questions/mo, GPT-4 support, 1 user, Basic Analytics, Zapier integration, Chat history, monthly source refresh.
  • Pro: $99/month – 10 DocsBots, 10k Source Pages, 10k questions/mo, GPT-4 support, 5 team users, Advanced Analytics, Zapier integration, Chat history, Unbranded chat widgets, Prompt customization.
  • Business: $499/month -10 DocsBots, 10k Source Pages, Unlock all source types, Weekly source refresh, 10k questions/mo, Private bots, GPT-4 support, 5 team users, Advanced Analytics, Zapier integration, Chat history, Unbranded chat widgets, Prompt customization
  • Enterprise: Custom plans starting at $899/mo with custom features and integrations.


Does DocsBot support languages other than English? 

While the primary language seems to be English, it’s best to check with the DocsBot team for specific language support.

How does DocsBot work? 

DocsBot indexes your documentation, blog posts, or other content, transforming it into ChatGPT-powered bots that provide instant answers.

Why do I need to provide my own OpenAI API key?

The OpenAI API key is essential for the GPT-4 support that powers the chatbots. Specific reasons can be found in their documentation or by contacting the team.

Can I automatically update my DocsBot sources? 

Yes, DocsBot offers features like daily source refresh to keep the content updated, depending on the plan you choose.

What are source ‘Pages’?

Source pages refer to the amount of content DocsBot can index from your documentation or other sources, which then powers the chatbot’s knowledge.

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