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Echo Win

Revolutionizing Business Communication with AI


About the Echo Win Tool

Echo Win is an AI phone agent tool that is designed to redefine the way businesses handle their calls. 
It is a phone system for businesses, designed to auto-answer calls, pre-assess them, provide phone calls analytics, and collect details from callers.

Echo Win with its AI-powered technology, can handle several calls simultaneously. This makes this a valuable asset for businesses across the board. This AI call assistant guarantees a customizable and personalized response to satisfy your clients

The tool offers 24/7 availability through an AI Receptionist, reducing wait times and eliminating the need for voicemails or busy signals. It also provides live call transcripts and analytics, allowing businesses to monitor and improve their call-handling processes.

Echo Win Features

Echo Win, bolstered by AI, is a dynamic phone system packed with capabilities to improve business communications. Some of the features include:

  • 24/7 AI Receptionist: Ensures zero missed calls.
  • Scenario Builder: Allows for easy customization of call flows.
  • Live Transcripts: Provides real-time transcriptions of calls.
  • Call Monitoring & Analytics: Offers insights for business growth.
  • Workflow Automation: Automates repetitive tasks.
  • Smart Answering Machine: Intelligent voicemail system.
  • Magic Contacts: Simplifies customer management.

Echo Win Use Case – Real-World Applications

Echo Win is an ideal tool for businesses looking to automate and optimize their call-handling processes. It can be used for the following purposes:

  • Customer Service: Provides fast and personal responses.
  • Lead Generation: Efficiently routes calls to appropriate departments.
  • Pre-screening Callers: Filters out irrelevant calls.
  • Internal Call Routing: Manages internal communications.
  • Automating Repetitive Tasks: Reduces manual labor.
  • Replacing Traditional IVR Systems: Offers a more flexible and intelligent system.

Echo Win Pricing

Echo Win offers a transparent pricing model with no hidden fees. The basic plan starts at $19.99 per month and includes 100 minutes of calls answered. Additional minutes are billed at $0.0027 per second.

When you purchase the year plan, users receive a free trial period for over two months. The plan also includes:

  • Automated Call Answering
  • AI Agents
  • Live Transcripts
  • Client Portal


What is Echo Win?

Echo Win is an AI-powered phone System designed to enhance business communication by offering features such as automatic answering, pre-screening calls, and gathering information from callers, among other functionalities.

How does the Echo Win Scenario Builder work?

The Echo Win Scenario Builder lets users design tailored call flows using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, streamlining the setup of specific caller interactions and responses.

Is there an Echo Win trial period?

Yes, there is a 30-day trial period for $0.99 for card verification. You also get a free trial period for 2 months when you choose a yearly subscription plan.

What is included in the Echo Win additional minutes?

The additional minutes include automated call answering, AI agents, and live transcripts among other features.

Who can benefit from using Echo Win?

Businesses of All Sizes, Customer Support Teams, Sales Teams, Marketing Departments, and E-commerce Platforms can benefit from the tool’s versatile features.

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