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Unleash the power of AI to erase backgrounds effortlessly.


About the Tool is an AI-powered SaaS image background removal tool designed to remove backgrounds from images with unparalleled precision. 

This AI tool is integrated with capabilities akin to the ‘magic eraser’ feature found in software like Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop CC, effortlessly changes the background color of images, turning them to a white background or any other shade.

Erase. bg is particularly beneficial for e-commerce businesses, photographers, graphic designers, and anyone looking to enhance their images without the hassle of manual editing. 

This editing software, built upon advanced algorithms, simplifies the process that once required intricate use of tools in Photoshop. 

Moreover, the tool offers free downloads, making it accessible for personal use and e-commerce needs. With the rise of digital media and the increasing demand for polished visuals, stands out as a reliable and efficient solution for background removal. Features is a background removal tool that offers a plethora of intriguing features tailored to meet the needs of photographers, online sellers, and graphic designers. Some of the standout features include:

  • AI-Powered Background Removal: Achieve precise and clean background removal with the help of advanced AI algorithms.
  • High-Resolution Downloads: Get your edited images in high resolution, ensuring top-notch quality.
  • Bulk Image Editing: Process multiple images simultaneously, saving time and effort.
  • Seamless API Integration: Integrate into your applications or platforms with ease.
  • Add Custom Backgrounds: Not just removal, but also the ability to add custom backgrounds to your images.
  • Free Image Downloads: Access the free download feature for personal and e-commerce use.
  • Personal Consultations: Get expert advice and email support for any queries or assistance.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate and use the tool with ease, regardless of your technical know-how.
  • Secure and Private: Your images are processed securely, ensuring data privacy. Use Case – Real-World Applications is the go-to tool for anyone seeking impeccable background removal. Its applications span across various domains:

  • E-commerce: Showcase products without any distracting backgrounds and enhance the product appeal.
  • Photography: Clean up portraits or group photos by removing unwanted backgrounds.
  • Graphic Design: Create compelling designs by integrating images with transparent backgrounds.
  • Social Media: Enhance profile pictures or posts by focusing on the subject and eliminating background distractions.
  • Digital Marketing: Use clean images in ads and banners for better audience engagement.
  • Web Design: Incorporate images without backgrounds for a sleek and modern website design.
  • Personal Projects: Whether it’s a presentation or a personal photo album, use to elevate the visual appeal. Pricing offers a range of pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of its users. Here’s a breakdown:

  • The Free Forever Plan is priced at $0 per credit. When you register, you receive 5 complimentary credits and 5 free downloads. This plan is particularly ideal for personal use, allowing individuals to enjoy high-quality image transformations without any costs.
  • The Subscription Plan, which is the most popular, has a subscription cost of $0.08 per credit. It offers various credit bundles: 100 credits at $19 ($0.19/credit), 300 credits at $29 ($0.10/credit), and 500 credits at $39 ($0.08/credit). Users have the flexibility to choose between monthly and yearly payment options. It’s designed for industrial use, catering to both startups and large-scale enterprises, enabling them to transform large batches of images swiftly.
  • The Pay As You Go plan starts at a rate of $0.33 per credit. You can purchase credit packs like 30 credits for $19 ($0.63/credit), 100 credits for $49 ($0.49/credit), and 300 credits for $99 ($0.33/credit). To maintain an uninterrupted experience and consistent productivity, it’s advised to regularly renew credits.
  • For organizations with unique needs, there’s the Enterprise Plan. Those interested can directly engage with the sales team or book a demo session with experts. They can receive specialized quotes tailored to their specific requirements. This plan is crafted keeping in mind businesses that require efficient and high-performance media solutions.


What are credits?

Credits are units used to measure the services on For instance, 1 transformation consumes 1 credit.

Is free to use?

Yes, after signing up, users receive 5 free credits. Subscription plans are available for bulk or regular requirements.

How does the Pay-as-you-go plan differ from the subscription plan?

The Pay-as-you-go plan is ideal for occasional tasks, while the subscription plan offers savings for bulk or recurring services.

What if the results from aren’t satisfactory? is designed to meet user demands. If unsatisfied, users can contact support for assistance.

Is signing up mandatory to use

Yes, a basic sign-up is mandatory to use Erase. Bg. Signing up offers free credits for bulk transformations.

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