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Face Swapper

Swap faces seamlessly with AI precision.


About the Face Swapper Tool

Face Swapper, a standout application under the Icons8 umbrella, is a photo editor, that harnesses advanced AI-generated techniques to seamlessly replace faces in photos. 

More than just a gimmick or a fun face-changer tool, it represents the convergence of entertainment and sophisticated technology. 

With an unmatched resolution for face swapping online, users are assured of achieving production-level quality in their swapped images. This face swap app offers an intuitive solution, negating the need for external graphic editing software. 

Designed with user convenience in mind, Face Swapper executes the swap, even capturing intricate facial expressions, within mere moments. Moreover, it ensures the final swapped photos, whether static or AI video, retain the pristine quality of the originals.

Face Swapper Features

Face Swapper is an advanced image editing tool that offers many intriguing features for photographers, designers, and general users. Some of the standout features include:

  • High-Quality Face Swaps: Achieve exceptional, realistic results with AI-powered face swapping.
  • Multiswap: Replace multiple faces in a single photo simultaneously.
  • Accurate Face Detection: Precise and seamless face swaps with AI algorithms.
  • Image Size and Quality Preservation: Ensure swapped images retain their original size and quality.
  • Developer-Friendly API: Integrate Face Swapper, Smart Upscaler, and Background Remover tools.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Prioritizing user experience with a focus on privacy and security.
  • Complimentary Access: Enjoy a 3-day trial period to explore the full range of the tool’s features.
  • Premium Packages: Avail priority handling, dedicated email assistance, and a storage period of 60 days.

Face Swapper Use Case – Real-World Applications

Face Swapper is the go-to tool for those looking to add a touch of creativity to their photos. Its applications include:

  • Entertainment: Create amusing face-swapped photos for friends and family.
  • Creative Projects: Integrate face-swapping capabilities into apps and projects using the API.
  • Photo Editing: Enhance photos by swapping faces for a unique touch.
  • Advertising and Marketing: Use swapped images for campaigns.
  • Fashion Industry: Visualize different faces in model photos.
  • Design: Incorporate face-swapped images into designs.
  • Photo Personalization: Customize photos for gifts or keepsakes.

Face Swapper Pricing

Face Swapper offers a free 3-day trial for users who opt for the yearly plan. This trial allows users to experience the tool’s capabilities without any limitations. 

Monthly plans, however, do not come with a trial period. The pricing for the tool starts from $19 per month. It’s essential to note that users should cancel their trial within 72 hours if they don’t wish to continue, as the subscription will automatically begin once the trial period ends.


How does Face Swapper work?

Face Swapper uses AI to detect and replace faces in photos with other chosen faces.

Is there a free trial for Face Swapper?

Yes, when opting for the yearly plan, users are granted a complimentary 3-day trial period to explore and assess the platform’s features and benefits in-depth before making a full commitment.

What’s the best type of image for Face Swapper?

To achieve the best outcomes, it’s recommended to utilize high-resolution images where the faces are positioned straight toward the camera.

Do they store the images I upload?

Images are stored securely for history viewing and re-downloading without using GPU power. Users can clear their history anytime.

Is there a refund if I forget to cancel the trial?

Refund requests are not honored if the trial period is not terminated within the stipulated time frame.

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