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Your Fundraising Copilot


About the Finta Tool

Finta is a fundraising management AI software that aims to simplify and automate the fundraising process for businesses. Finta steps in as your fundraising copilot, ensuring that you can focus on building strong relationships with potential investors.

Finta automatically analyzes your deal details to identify the most suitable investors for your company’s proposition. With your deal room link, you can seamlessly accept investment transfers via straightforward methods like ACH, check, or wire. Additionally, this platform allows you to share essential due diligence documents.

Finta is powered by advanced AI technology, which automates the entire fundraising workflow from end to end. This means businesses can concentrate on the most crucial aspect of fundraising: building and nurturing relationships with potential investors. 

With Finta, companies are equipped with secure and shareable deal rooms, allowing them to share all the necessary information investors need for due diligence.

Finta Features

Finta is a fundraising tool that offers a plethora of features tailored to assist businesses in their fundraising endeavors. Some of the standout features include:

  • CRM with Automation: The world’s first GPT-powered CRM designed specifically for creating meaningful investor interactions.
  • Investor Database: Finta’s AI uses your deal information to prospect the best investors suitable for your company’s offering.
  • Deal Rooms: Share a single link to allow investors to commit and send funds privately.
  • Investment Processing: Securely accept investment transfers through ACH, check, or wire.
  • Equity Management: Manage your cap table, including support for multiple classes of shares, stock options, convertibles, and more.
  • Virtual Data Room: Securely share documents with real-time notifications and insights.
  • Automated Email Scripts: AI-driven personalized email scripts to engage potential investors.

Finta Use Case – Real-World Applications

Finta is the perfect tool for businesses looking to streamline their fundraising efforts. Its applications include:

  • Investor Relationship Management: Use the CRM to manage and nurture relationships with potential investors.
  • Investor Prospecting: Automatically find the best investors for your deal.
  • Secure Deal Sharing: Share your pitch deck and other essential documents securely with interested parties.
  • Investment Tracking: Monitor the funds coming into your deal room.
  • Equity Distribution: Manage and distribute equity among stakeholders.
  • Document Sharing: Share due diligence documents securely and monitor engagement.
  • Automated Outreach: Use AI-driven email scripts to reach out to potential investors.

Finta Pricing

Finta offers a range of pricing plans to cater to businesses at different stages of their journey:

  • The Free package is genuinely useful and available at no cost indefinitely. It offers usage for one deal, accommodates three users, allows storage for 10 documents and 25 contacts, and supports file uploads up to 5MB in size.
  • The Startup package is priced at $22 per month and is ideal for resourceful teams. In addition to all the features available in the Free plan, it offers unlimited deals, an unrestricted number of users, infinite document storage, endless contacts, and allows for file uploads up to 2GB in size.
  • The Advisory package, tailored for expanding businesses, incorporates all the features of the Startup plan and adds a comprehensive advisory component. Subscribers can engage directly with a dedicated Finta advisor, benefit from weekly progress discussions, refine their pitch deck and narrative, receive advice on framing deal terms, prepare their data room efficiently, and strategize to connect with the ideal investors.


What is a Finta deal?

A Finta deal is a distinctive fundraising initiative set up on the Finta platform. It provides organizations or individuals with the opportunity to present their projects, goals, etc.

How does the CRM work on Finta autopilot?

Finta’s CRM on autopilot leverages the power of artificial intelligence to redefine investor relations management

What happens when I reach the Finta usage limits?

Users will need to upgrade to a higher plan to access additional features and limits.

How does Finta generate email scripts?

Finta uses AI to create personalized email scripts tailored to the recipient. Finta employs advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to craft email scripts.

How does Finta match investors to my deal?

The platform uses the details of your deal to prospect and match the best investors for your offering.

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