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Your AI-Powered Meeting Assistant


About the Tool, often referred to as “fireflies” in the AI community, is a collaboration platform enhanced by artificial intelligence, acting as a meeting assistant.

This AI tool is pioneering the transformation of how teams manage and transcribe meetings, especially in the era of remote work. 

This AI assistant integrates effortlessly with widely-used video-conferencing tools, including Webex, ensuring every piece of the conversation is captured. Beyond just transcription,, as a virtual assistant and meeting assistant, offers a “smart search” feature, allowing users to quickly pinpoint key moments from meetings. 

Whether you’re an educator or a sales rep, the Fireflies note-taker will streamline your workflow by automating note-taking, offering intelligent meeting notes summaries, and providing actionable insights. 

With rave AI reviews, many credit “Fred Fireflies” as the driving force behind the tool’s efficiency, making it a go-to solution for all virtual assistant needs. Features is an advanced meeting management solution with features designed to boost team collaboration and efficiency. Some of the standout features include:

  • Automated Transcription: Transcribe meetings across various platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.
  • AI-Powered Search: Quickly review meetings and filter key topics discussed.
  • Collaboration Tools: Add comments, pins, and reactions to specific parts of conversations.
  • Integration Features: Effortlessly connect with applications such as Slack, Notion, and Asana.
  • Conversation Intelligence: Track metrics like speaker talk time and sentiment to gain deeper insights.
  • Automated CRM Workflows: Let the AI assistant log call notes and activities in your CRM.
  • Voice-Activated Task Creation: Create tasks in platforms like Asana and Trello using voice commands.
  • Real-time Knowledge Base: Organize and access all your voice conversations in one place. Use Case – Real-World Applications is more than just a transcription instrument; it’s a holistic platform crafted for a multitude of practical uses:

  • Sales Teams: Automate CRM entries, coach sales reps, and close deals faster.
  • Engineers: Streamline documentation and follow-up actions from technical meetings.
  • Recruiters: Enhance the hiring process with better screening and seamless hand-offs.
  • Marketers: Gain insights into customer feedback to refine marketing strategies.
  • Educators: Simplify note-taking during virtual teaching sessions.
  • Media & Podcasting: Obtain accurate transcriptions and closed captions for media content.
  • Consultants: Keep track of client meetings and ensure actionable follow-ups. Pricing offers flexible pricing plans to cater to different user needs:

  • Free Plan: Designed for individuals just starting, this plan is available at no cost and is free forever. It offers limited transcription credits and provides users with 800 minutes of storage per seat. Key features include recording capabilities for platforms like Zoom, GMeet, MS Teams, and more, transcription support for over 69 languages, automated meeting summaries, and the ability to search within meetings. Users can also adjust playback speeds, add comments and reactions, clip moments as soundbites, utilize global search, and access 3 public channels.
  • Pro Plan: Aimed at individuals and small teams, this plan is priced at $10 per seat per month when billed annually. It boasts unlimited transcription credits and a generous 8,000 minutes of storage per seat. In addition to all the features available in the Free plan, users can benefit from AI Super Summaries, downloading capabilities for transcripts and recordings, smart search filters, keywords & topic tracking, metrics on meeting speaker talk-time, unlimited public channels, custom vocabulary terms, and integrations with CRM, Zapier, and Slack.
  • Business Plan: Tailored for rapidly expanding businesses, this plan comes in at $19 per seat per month, billed annually. It offers unlimited transcription credits and storage. Building on the Pro plan’s features, it also provides video screen capture, conversation intelligence tools, team insights tailored for admins, unlimited public and private channels, and an upcoming feature – User Groups. Additionally, users get API access, unlimited integrations, and priority support.
  • Enterprise Plan: Catering to large-scale enterprises, this plan is custom-priced and available for annual commitments only. It includes all the benefits of the Business plan and additionally offers custom speech models, an onboarding program, a dedicated account manager, Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, private storage options, and dedicated support. The payment for this plan can be made via invoice.


What is is an innovative platform, driven by artificial intelligence, designed to decode voice conversations with precision. 

How does enhance meetings? automatically records, transcribes, and provides actionable insights from meetings, making them more productive.

Which platforms does integrate with? integrates with popular platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Notion, and Asana.

Is suitable for large enterprises?

Yes, is suitable for large enterprises as it offers an Enterprise plan with features tailored for large businesses.

How secure is prioritizes security and customer privacy, employing 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption, and is SOC 2 Type II and GDPR compliant.

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