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Galileo AI

Revolutionary AI tool for stunning UI designs.


About the Galileo AI Tool

Galileo AI is a generative AI tool that lets users create editable UI designs faster. It uses advanced AI algorithms to generate designs from text prompts. The tool uses AI images and illustrations to make the UI look more attractive and engaging. It is ideal for enterprises looking to create professional-looking UI designs for their company or clients.

With Galileo AI, you can produce attractive designs in a fraction of the time. It increases the productivity level of designers by instantly turning their imaginations into designs. It can understand complex prompts and design relevant interfaces that match all the user requirements.

Galileo AI Features

Galileo AI is an excellent tool for designers looking to boost their productivity. It offers various features for designing user interfaces. Some of its best features are as follows:

  • It is trained with thousands of design data points to produce accurate and professional-looking designs.
  • It produces designs that are editable with tools like Figma.
  • It generates AI images and illustrations to match the style of the UI.
  • The designs are fully editable and customizable to fit the brand’s voice and user requirements.
  • It uses large language models to understand complex user prompts easily.
  • It automates small and repetitive tasks so that designers can focus on bigger tasks.

Galileo AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Galileo AI is ideal for various purposes. It can be used for the following tasks:

  • Designers can use the tool to rapidly generate prototypes for large websites.
  • E-commerce owners can use the tool to design their web or mobile app faster.
  • Marketers can use the tool to generate visuals for their marketing campaigns.
  • Creative teams can use the tool to implement their idea and see how it looks.

Galileo AI Pricing

Galileo AI has not yet been released to the public. It is accepting users upon invitation only. You need to request early access to the platform by filling out its form. If the developers accept your proposal, you can use it for free. However, the developers will add pricing plans for the app in the future. Keep visiting the official website for latest information regarding its pricing options.


Is Galileo AI accessible online?

No, Galileo AI is not yet accessible online. The tool is in development and testing mode. You can use it only by requesting early access to the platform. If the developers accept your request, you can start using it as a tester. If you don’t get approved, you must wait until the tool is released to the public.

Can I edit Galileo AI designs?

Yes, you can always edit the designs produced by Galileo AI. The tool allows users to edit the designs within its interface or by using design tools like Figma to edit them.

Does Galileo AI accept prompts in all languages?

Galileo AI only supports English at the moment. You can give commands in English to instruct the tool to perform an action or generate designs for any UI.

When will Galileo AI be released to the public?

Galileo AI is available in beta mode. It has not yet been released to the public. The developers have not given any information on when the tool will be launched for the public. You can visit its official site for the latest information regarding its launch.

Can I use Galileo AI for my company website?

You can use Galileo AI to design your company’s website or mobile application. It is also ideal for creating client websites. It will help you generate attractive designs faster.

Galileo AI is a cutting-edge AI tool for designers and creative individuals. It can help create stunning UI designs faster with images and illustrations matching their style.

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