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Modern search engine that merges Google's search technology with ChatGPT.


About the GPTGO Tool

GPTGO, formerly known as GooGPT, is a search engine that combines Google’s search power with ChatGPT’s smart replies.

This tool helps people play with AI language models or get help with writing. This unique combination offers users a free platform to obtain search results enriched with ChatGPT answers. 

The tool is designed to be user-friendly and can be accessed across various devices, from mobile phones to desktops. 

With its commitment to user privacy, GPTGO ensures that all user actions remain anonymous and safeguarded.

GPTGO Features 

GPTGO is a search engine tool that offers a plethora of intriguing features tailored to enhance the user’s search experience. Some of the notable features include:

  • Integration of ChatGPT query feature with traditional search results.
  • Free access to a premium ChatGPT account.
  • Compatibility across various devices, including iPhone/iPad, Android, PC, and Tablet.
  • Real-time API integration of Google search and ChatGPT, ensuring accuracy.
  • Availability of a mobile app called “Go AI” for both Android and iOS.
  • Commitment to user privacy with no storage or tracking of user information.

GPTGO Use Case – Real-World Applications 

GPTGO emerges as the perfect tool for individuals and professionals seeking enriched search results. Its applications span across:

  • Academic research where users can obtain detailed answers alongside search results.
  • Professional tasks requiring quick and accurate search results.
  • Casual browsing with enhanced information retrieval.
  • Mobile users who prefer app-based search experiences.

GPTGO Pricing 

GPTGO takes pride in offering its unique combination of search and ChatGPT features entirely for free. 
Users can benefit from the integrated premium ChatGPT account without incurring any charges. 

This commitment to free access ensures that users can enjoy an enhanced search experience without any financial constraints.


How does GPTGO differ from traditional search engines? 

GPTGO not only provides regular search results but also incorporates ChatGPT answers, offering a comprehensive search experience.

Is there a need for a separate ChatGPT account to use GPTGO? 

No, users can access the integrated premium ChatGPT account on GPTGO without any additional sign-ups.

Is GPTGO accurate? 

Yes, GPTGO is accurate. GPTGO integrates the real-time API of Google search and ChatGPT, ensuring that the results are accurate and reliable.

Is there a mobile application for GPTGO? 

Yes, GPTGO offers a mobile app named “Go AI” available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Is GPTGO safe?

Yes, GPTGO is safe to use. GPTGO does not store or track any user information, ensuring that all user actions remain anonymous and protected.

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